Best Jio Plan For Work From Home Professionals

Now It is the one year of corona covid 19 pandemic. After the initial months of lock down every company has started to work as regular. Many employees are allowed to work from home option. Here i am helping in this post to chose best Jio plan for work from home. You can chose the selected plan form work on home and deliver your projects in correct time.

After analyzing the most of the Jio plans from MyJio app recharge plans section, I have selected the best recharge option for work from home users.

Definitely no doubt Jio is the best option to chose for work from home option since it is high speed 4G network now available in India. All towers are in 4G technology, high signal strength all over India, and even you can buy best portable JioFi router, so that you can work from anywhere.

PlansDataSpeedValidityDaily Limit
Plan 24956 GBNormal 4G28 Days2 GB
Plan 25150 GBHigh speed30 DaysNo Limit
Plan 20140 GBHigh speed30 DaysNo Limit
Plan 15130 GBHigh speed30 DaysNo Limit

Best Jio Plan For Work From Home Employees

  • Plan Rs 249 for 56 GB validity 28 days
  • Plan Rs 251 for 50 GB (Unlimited) validity 30 days
  • Plan Rs 201 for 40 GB (Unlimited) validity 30 days
  • Plan Rs 151 for 30 GB (Unlimited) validity 30 days

These are the best recharge plans for work from home options.

Plan Rs 249 for 56 GB validity 28 days

This plan is not in the list of work from home plan on MyJio app recharge option. Recharge plan 249 is best plan that i highly recommend you for work from home purpose. This plan is I am personally using. We will get daily 2GB high speed data, and if you have used fully data, then you will get data in 2G speed.

But it is enough 2GB for work from home purpose. You can use this offer as this 2GB daily is much more for your regular usage and for working also.

What is the benefit of Plan Rs 249

You will get this 2GB per day with 28 days of validity with unlimited Jio voice calls, 1000 minutes non-jio voice calls,and daily 100 sms and complementary Jio apps.

You can grab this offer with 50 Rs reduction by applying voucher on recharge using MyJio app. So you only spend Rs199 only

If you are exhausting your data in some days like 5-8 days in a month, you can just grab a data booster pack of Rs11,20 etc so that after data exhaust of your normal plan, you will get high speed internet using data booster plan you have recharged. You can do this only if you needed.

Plan Rs 251 for 50 GB (Unlimited) validity 30 days

This is the listed plan under work from home plan on MyJio app. What this plan is giving is that, we will get 5GB high speed internet for 251 INR with 30 days of validity.

We will never get any voice pack, SMS pack and any complementary apps. They are only providing high speed internet.


There is no daily limit of data usage. You can use as much you want.

Why No voice calls with work from home plan of Jio?

They are specifically saying that you will get unlimited data on high speed. with this work from home plan, they are providing high speed data that much speed we will never get with other recharge options.

But in my experience the normal speed of Jio in 4G  is enough. But in some cases of those employees those want download and upload very large files requires super fast speed. so they can chose this plan for work in home.

Plan Rs 201 for 40 GB (Unlimited) validity 30 days

This is one another no voucher applicable recharge plan for working professionals from home. The plan is as same as just above mentioned plan. You will get 4GB high speed unlimited data for 30 days. After data exhaust, you will get the speed in 64 mbps rate.

No voice calls, sms pack and complementary apps along with this plan

One of the advantage is there is no any daily limit of data usage.

Plan Rs 151 for 30 GB (Unlimited) validity 30 days

Recharge with 151 and get 30 GB high speed unlimited data with 30 days of validity. No voucher can apply with this plan using MyJio app.

This plan is also personalized for work from home professionals. High speed than normal Jio recharge is it’s highlight.

No daily limit. It is worth if you want to work with large files download and uploads since getting high speed internet.

No voice calls, sms pack.

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So here we are going to wind up the post. These 4 recharge plans are best jio plans for work from home. although Jio has listed only three of them, some of the working professionals doesn’t requires as much high speed data, just need normal 4G speed. such users can select the first listed one plan. I have explained all the merit of each of the plans. So just grab according to your needs. and enjoy happy work from home.

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