Can I Download Jio Call Recording App?

Many Jio users searching to download Jio Call recording app to record voice calls they are making, How to record calls on the JioCall app and save etc. I am here in this post to show everything that is related to Jio Call recording, apps, etc.

To Be frank, there is no Jio call recording app is available on both the google play store and the official site of Jio. Jio till now not announced any Jio call recording app for the users. They even didn’t make any clue regarding the voice call recording app.

I have seen many sources on the internet misleading the users that there is a Jio call recording app is available. But the truth is there is no more such app available.

If any news regarding this, I will publish an article about the app here on my site

Jio has mainly two apps for making calls But not for Call recording

Main two apps for making Calls are

I have used both apps and still using them. There are no built-in features to record calls on Both Jio chat and the JioCall app.

Both of these apps are related to end-to-end encryption technology (Like WhatsApp, IMO, YoWhatsapp, etc) and are not handled by the end-users. That is the reason that you cannot record calls on JioCall and JioChat applications.

There is no official declaration that there will be an upgrade in the calling apps of Jio will be featured with call recording or any new Jio call recording app launch in near future.

How Can I record Jio voice calls when I am using Jio SIM on my smartphone?

Since the Jio apps for making calls not have the options to record voice calls on the device, there is only other two traditional option is available to record voice calls on Jio.

  1. Record Jio voice calls using a third party application
  2. Record Jio calls using smartphone feature

Recording voice calls on Jio using a third-party application is so simple. Just go to google play store and search for a call recording app. Then download and install the application. The features on the app will allow you to record voice calls on your smartphone and be locally saved them.

I am recommending you to use paid call recording app for this purpose since we value our safety. There are numerous paid and free call recording applications available on the internet.

A highly recommended method to record voice calls on Jio is by the traditional smartphone feature. All kinds of smartphones and JioPhone also provide the option to record voice calls.

For this, you need not use any Jio calling apps. Just use the default call making on the smartphone and after the call is connected, Just tap the record button that is seen in the dial pad of the smartphone. These recorded calls will be available in the file manager of your smartphone.

There are smartphones that mostly have the option to automatically record calls every time when we make voice calls. Here you not need to tap the record button after calls are connected.

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We can expect the more updated Jio calling apps with featured on voice call recording in the future. By the way, you can use other traditionally used techniques to record calls on your mobile phone as described by the above two methods. Both of those will work better since there is no Jio call recording option available.

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