How To Connect Jio GigaTv Set Top Box To LCD

We know the Jio GigaTv is the IPTV comes along with Jio GigaFiber connection. Jio GigaTv is the internet tv channels streaming service, to enjoy tv channels in high defifnition pixel with the help of broadband as medium. GigaTv is just same as direct to home (DTH) service with set top box. But the only difference is, in DTH we use the signals from the air Via satellite, But in GigaTv usiong set top box to tune channels using broadband service from Jio. Here in this post, we are going to learn how to connect Jio GigaTv set top box to LCD tv monitor.

Connect Jio GigaTv set top box to LCD Tv

We have the Jio GigaTv set top box and its features understood. Now we are going to learn how to connect Jio gig tv set top box to the LCD tv. The Jio GigaFiber executive will do all the necessary connections and configuration done for you. But in case, you need to shift your home, or due to any other reason, you want to change the place or disconnect the set top box and the tv monitor, then this tutorials will helps you.

Kaios Set Top box

You will get kaios set top box along with the Jio GigaTv for smart IPTV.  Here in the one side of the kaios set top box you can see the two ports.

  • One is HDMI (High definition Multiple interface) port to connect to your LCD tv.
  • Memory slot to play videos, music etc with your external devices such as pen drive, memory slot etc.

jio giga-tv-connections

On the other side, you can see the three different ports like

  • LAN port to connect the LAN cable with the set top box.
  • Ear phone Jack to connect your earphone
  • and the Power USB port. For power supply.

How to connect between JioGigaFiber Modem and GigaTv set Top Box

We have got all the ports available on jio gigatv set top box. Now we want to know the ports available on GigaFiber modem. Here look the gigafiber modem ports available.

gigafiber modem ports

From the above image you can see the ports available on Jio GigaFiber modem

  1. One WPS port
  2. One power port
  3. Fiber optics port. – where you connect the connection cable of fiber optics.
  4. Phone connection port – You can connect fixed landline with this port.
  5. LAN1, LAN 2, LAN3 ports
  6. and 2 USB ports

Connect all the necessary ports like power cable, LAN and fiber optics with JioGigaFiber router.

Along with the GigaFiber, you will get HDMI cable in order to get connect in between GigaTv set top box and the GigaFiber router. You will get C Type HDMI cable where one end is with USB port and other end is HDMI port.

Now connect USB side with the USB port of the Jio GigaFiber router and the HDMI is connect with the Jio set top box.

You just need only this connection to be noted.

Now turn on both Router and set top box, and LCD tv connected with the set top box.

When “Green” light On having the good signal. Now you can Power ON the set top box with the remote controller that you got along with the Jio GigaTv set top box.

You can then watch tv channels with Jio GigaTv on your LCD Tv. You can use voice commands in order to manage and operate tv channels, volume etc using the Voice command enabled remote controller.

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Final Words:

It is time to conclude this post. Since you are getting the high definition streaming of TV channels with gigaTv, having good LCD tv will bring you much more experience on your entertainment. Jio Giga Tv is perfect for making a home theatre set up because the sound quality will be good in Jio giga tv. So enjoy your life with Jio gigatv.

We hope you like the post. If you have any queries related to connection with Jio giga tv with your LCD monitor, Just leave a comment here below comment box.

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