How To Convert Jio Prepaid To Postpaid Plus Connection

Do you want to convert Jio prepaid to postpaid plus? is it possible to convert to jio postpaid plans? Today in this post, I am going to show you how to convert your Jio prepaid sim to postpaid connection in an easiest way. All that you need to know Jio prepaid, Jio postpaid plus details, benefits etc. If you are really looking to move forward to jio postpaid plus, this post is definitely for you. Continue reading..

Is it possible to convert Jio prepaid to Postpaid Plus?

Definitely yes, you can convert your prepaid jio sim to postpaid and enjoy all the benefits that Jio allows postpaid users. There are mainly two options for you to become a Jio postapid customer. One is to take a new Jio number as postpaid connection and other is to convert your existing prepaid connection to a postpaid Jio connection.

If you are using a Jio number for long term and this jio number is you always want to use. Then best option is to converting your existing Jio prepaid sim to postpaid connection rather than new postpaid connection.

How To convert Jio prepaid to postpaid plus

Converting your existing Jio number to a postpaid plus plan is completely done by a Jio retailer or Jio official executives. Visit your nearest jio store to convert Jio prepaid connection to postpaid plus. You need to carry your aadhaar card number as identification certificate in case they may asks for you. But some of the jio store will not asks your aadhar card details since you have already linked your jio number with aadhaaar card number when you have purchased your prepaid sim connection.

So do not hesitate to go for jio store near you. Just need to go and tell your plan to changing your prepaid jio number to postpaid. Rest of the procedures will take care of by the Jio executive itself. You need not to know anything about it.

You will get immediately activated your postpaid connection when converting from a prepaid connection. No any waiting time is required.

Savings Tip:-

It is better to go for converting your prepaid jio connection to postpaid after completing your current prepaid tariff plan, so that you wll never lose mone you have recharged for prepaid.

Benefit of being a Jio Postpaid customer

Jio offers jio post paid plus customers very good security suits so that they need not to worry about any digital threats. Jio postpaid plus is mainly beneficial for big companies employees so that they can have very big security in their mobile communications. Postpaid customers get full security from Jiosecurity service Via jio security app for both android and iOS smartphone users.

Besides the security benefit, users can enjoy

  • Monthly bill payment option Via cash as well as from online payment gateways
  • No disconnection issues
  • No any promotional calls from advertising platforms
  • Attractive offers and plans according to your needs and usage
  • No any additional charges
  • Get free Jio apps subscriptions
  • Some other OTT free subscription plans are free with JioPostpaid users
  • Various plans for business, family plans etc are available with postpaid connection

How Long Will Take to Jio Prepaid to Postpaid port

Your prepaid sim will be immediately activated when you port jio number to postpaid. No any waiting time is required. Only you need to do is to visit jio retailer store near you. There may be a little charge you need to pay to convert jio prepaid to postpaid connection. Only a small service charge you can afford.


Converting jio prepaid to postpaid plus is always great decision when we are comparing the benefits of prepaid and postpaid connection. By postpaid connection, they provide al those launched services in very low price. If you want to enjoy entertainment more along with mobile communication, postpaid plus plans are best fit for you. I will write a detailed post on Jio postpaid plus, so that you can know all its advantages.

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