Corona Message As Jio Tune – Make Awareness On Corona

As per the government rule, based on the spread of dangerous virus around the world corona. Government has asked the telecom operators in India to set the default caller tune as the  message related to the corona virus. The main purpose of this is to make awareness about corona virus and the dangerous situation that may create while spread all over the country. Set Corona message as Jio tune to participate in Corona awareness campaign.

Corona Message As Jio Tune

As per DoT, Jio has set their Jio tune by default, the messages related to the corona virus. Please make everyone that they have to do as much co-operation on spreading the corona message. what the users can do is, if someone is calling on your number, as per DoT, they will hear the corona message and it’s dangerous sides. so if possible, please make the complete ring when someone calling you so that they can know what is corona and how to get rod from those dangerous virus. If call cut, you can call them to talk.

Till the time of the complete control of the corona virus and it’s report from various part of the country, the default caller tunes will be the audio messages related to corona. No any other songs or dialogs are allowed as Jio tunes till the one more announcement from India government.

Check if you have default set the Corona message as call me tune

As a citizen in India,, what we can do is, just make sure that you have set the corona audio clip as the call me tune or welcome tune by just dialing from other mobile number. If not, you can contact the Jio customer care support to set the caller tune so that you can take part in the campaign that run on various governments to get kick off the corona virus. If you have already set jio tune, then decativate via my jio app, so that corona message will be automatically set.

Directorate of telecommunications (DoT) Order To set 30 Seconds Information on Corona

Directorate of telecommunications has ordered the both private and government control telecom companies to set default 30 seconds information on corona. This was not a new thing, since before, the DoT has determined to spread to the people about some of the useful information to the people of India.

Unsubscribe your special Caller Tunes

Important: The corona message caller tune is the default set by the companies for those customers they are not subscribed any special caller tune. So to set the caller tune as the message, you should un subscribe the jio ring tune so that automatically set the message as your Jio tune. This method is applicable for all those other network users too since the order from the department of telecommunications, India. If you deactivate Jio Tune, then you will get automatically set corona message as Jio Tune.

As of now, this caller tunes will work for 3 days when setting, and if possible, the period will be extend more and that is in decision with the department of telecommunication. If you have set the special ring tune, you may not default set by the pre-recorded corona virus message. if so you can copy the caller tune by just pressing “*” button to copy and set your tune as codrona virus. No matter which company mobile number you are calling, you can direct set the caller tune as corona messages.

What are the messages on Caller Tune

As per the pre-recorded messages, to make the awareness and safety measures that described in the Caller tunes are messages like

  • always keep a kerchief while you cough
  • use mask when talk to others.
  • clean the hands adequately with the soap.
  • do not touch others eyes or nose.
  • if some one is cough, get keep some distances.
  • avoid long travels to get the corona virus spread chance etc.



From the latest news and the released videos, we know how dangerous the corona virus is. so if we unite together to spread the awareness on the corona information and by passing the information Via caller tune or as messaging the friends and families, more dangerous situation can be avoided. so always keep this much useful information spreading so that we can get kick off the dangerous corona virus. Not only Jio, if you and other friends and families using Jio or other networks such as Vodafone, bsnl, airtel, Idea etc make sure they have set the same corona audio messages as their ring tone to spread the valuable awareness on the virus. And be a part od corona awareness program by government.




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