How To Download & Install Omnisd App For Jio Phone [Update 2022]

Are you JioPhone User? Download Omnisd app for Jio Phone to enjoy third-party applications on your phone. JioPhone working on Kai OS, so Inbuilt or pre-installed application only works on the Jio phone. To solve the issue and download and install other applications on KaiOS Jiophone, we are using the Omnisd app.

Here is the perfect app for Kai OS available which will help KaiOS operated devices to download and install other apps and enjoy. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to download and install the Omnisd app for the Jio phone for free.

Before going to learn to download and install the Omnisd app on JioPhone, let’s see what is Omnisd app is, why we are using it, etc.

What is Omnisd App?

The Omnisd app is a third-party application that allows Kai OS-powered mobile phone users to download and install android apps on their Kai OS device. so that android apps can be enjoyed in KaiOS enabled mobile phones. The Omnisd app is free to download and install. If you are using a Jio phone, you can use the android application in your Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2 series.

How to Download and install omnisd app for jio phone

You cannot download and install Omnisd app directly to your Jio phone, instead, we are going to install Omnisd for Jio Phone with the help of a computer and an SD card.

Install OmniSD app on Jio phone

Follow the steps to download and install OmniSD on Jiophone for free.

  • Connect the Jio phone to a computer Via a data cable
  • select file transfer option on the computer when it shows options
  • Download the Omnisd zip file to your computer and transfer it to your jio phone storage
  • move the zip file of Omnisd to the SD card location in your Jio phone
  • Turn on your Jio phone
  • Find the omnisd zip file on your SD card location
  • select the file and choose the option “install from SD card”
  • You have successfully installed the Omnisd app for Jio Phone

Why You Need to Install Omnisd app on Jio Phone?

Your Jio phone is running on Kai OS by Reliance Jio. Jio itself pre-installed whatsapp on Jio phone Kai OS mobile phones, so you need not worry about using WhatsApp on Jio phone. But if you want to use any other android based apps on your Jio phone, you can install it Via the Omnisd app. since not all the necessary apps are available for Kai OS, so we need this omnisd app to enjoy android feature apps.

FAQ – OmniSd app For Jio

Is it safe to use Omnisd app on Jio phone?

The Omnisd app is optional for your Jio phone. you can use or do not use it on Jio phone. it is not illegal to use omnisd app since we are not violating any copyright laws. The Omnisd is just a platform to install android apps on kai OS based normal mobile phones.

Do I need an SD card on the Jio phone to install Omnisd app?

Yes, you need to insert an SD card on the kai OS mobile phone to install it. You cannot install the Omnisd app from your phone storage location.

What are the Omnisd versions are suitable for the Jio phone?

you can download and install Omnisd versions f120b, f30c, f61f, f90m, f22b, f81e.

Where can I download the Omnisd zip file?

The Omnisd zip file download link can be available from the internet, various websites, etc. We highly recommend you to use omnisd zip file download link from trusted sources.

Can I install Omnisd without a PC?

yes, for this you need to download the Omnisd app from your Jio phone browser and locate the zip file to the SD card location.

Is the Omnisd APK version available to download for android smartphones?

The Omnisd APK is not available to download. To be frank, there is no need for the Omnisd app for android since we can install any android app on our android device without the help of this Omnisd app. In short, the Omnisd app is purely for kai OS running mobile phones.

Final words:-

Using android apps is fun. The Omnisd app for Jio phone is perfectly suitable for you to enjoy android apk on Jio phone. Try oOmnisd on your Jio phone all versions like Jio phone 1 and Jio phone 2. Hopefully, we are waiting for Jiophone 3 smartphone category with android OS installed on it.

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