How To Factory Reset JioFi Settings [JioFi Hard Reset]

Have you forgotten your JioFi router username and password, and want to factory reset JioFi? Here is the exact step-by-step process on how to reset the JioFi device very quickly. We already learned how to change the default JioFi Username and password Via Jiofi.local.html. But if you have forgotten the changed username and password, then the only solution to reset the device to access the default settings.

When you factory reset JioFi, after that your JioFi SSID and password will be the default one and can found in the backside of the JioFi device. Just remove the battery, there you can see SSID and password.

In order to find the changed forgotten SSID and password, you can try to read it by login to the system login of JioFi device by Jiofi.local.html.

How To Reset JioFi Device?

Follow the instructions

  • Turn on your JioFi WiFi device
  • Open the back cover of your JioFi device.
  • In the body panel side, you can see the factory reset button
  • Press on the button with a SIM ejector or any non-sharp pin
  • After pressing the Reset button, JioFi starts to reset. It will take 10-15 seconds and the device will restart
  • Now you can connect your device with JioFi router wifi network by the default SSID and password of the device and access internet
  • Then if you need to change SSID and password, do it Via JioFi web admin panel

JioFi Factory Reset Button Location

jiofi factory reset button location

Many people are confused about JioFi factory reset Button location. Though there were many JioFi device brands are available, and in different shapes and sizes. You can see JioFi factory reset button location just side panel when opening your Jiofi device’s back cover.

Situation You need to factory reset JioFi router Settings

If you have any doubt where your JioFi SSID and password has leaked or hacked by some one, then it is better to factory reset your JioFi device settings to default. This will increase the network credibility. you may lose your data by connecting any other devices with your leaked SSID and password. You can prevent this by either restricting devices connecting with your JioFi device, or by resetting your JioFi  settings.

In addition, if you have forgotten your changed SSID and password, then you can reset your JioFi device setting to factory settings. You need not any technical knowledge or expertise in order to reset JioFi settings.


Hope you have learned how to factory reset JioFi settings. This is the simplest method. If you found the Device not rebooting after you press on the factory reset button, just press and hold up to 5 seconds. your JioFi device will start reset and reboot. This is a rare case and only apply if you press one time on reset button. This issue may be due to the dust particle accumulated on factory reset button. So always put your JioFi device back cover to protect from dust particles entering.

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