Find Covid Vaccine Slots Around You By MyJio App

How To Book Covid Vaccine Using MyJio App – Vaccine Finder:- Jio users have an opportunity to book Covid vaccine Via MyJio app on their smartphone. Yes, It is true. If you are a Jio users, MyJio have give you to access the portal to book Covid vaccine. Today in this post, I am going to show you how to book Covid Vaccine using MyJio app.

Vaccine slot finder is the new link on MyJio app to help Jio users to find the nearest slot to get the vaccine to get vaccinated and be safe from Covid-19 disease. MyJio has integrated the technique the same that you are booking Via the official government website.

myjio app covid vaccine slot finder

So what is the use of this method?

You need not to go to web browser and enter the web address every time to check the slot is available. Just go to the banner link on MyJio app to check whether there is any slot available near you to get vaccinated.

There are filters on the interface to select the district, vaccine, age bar, free or payment etc.

Important:- This feature is not available when you are using MyJio app on your Jio phone. Only available on smartphone.

How To Book Covid Vaccine Using MyJio App

Here is the step by step process to find the Vaccine slot

  • Open MyJio app on your smartphone and select the home tab
  • Scroll down the page and you will find “VACCINE SLOT FINDER”
  • Tap on the banner so that you will get redirected to the VACCINE FINDER PAGE
  • There are two methods of finding the vaccine slots like search by Pin code and by district
  • Just below that apply the filters to find the nearest vaccine slot
  • Apply all the filters and search to find the Covid-19 vaccine slots to get vaccinated

After applying the filters, you will get the vaccine slot details available. Click on Book button to quick book your vaccine.

When you tap on book button, you will redirected to go to the web browser to book the covid-19 vaccine.

Thus MyJio app allows you to easily find the Vaccine slots. Make this feature on MyJio app to find the slots and get vaccinated.

Is this Vaccine Finder tap available always on MyJio app?

Vaccine slot finder only available as long as there is vaccine distribution for people occurs by the government of India. Let’s hop we will get rid from all these covid-19 pandemic situation and enjoy life as like before soon.

Can I Book more than One vaccine Via MyJio App?

yes, You can find and book vaccine for more than one. This system working as per the government rule of booking vaccine. After finding the slots, you will get redirected to the government website to book the vaccine.

What Vaccine Can I Book Via MyJio App?

You can book covaxin, covishield, sputnic vaccine Via MyJio smartphone app


Jio is now care their customers all the way. That’s why Jio has integrated the covid-19 vaccine booking features on MyJio app. I didn’t find any other mobile network company providing such a great service to their users in all the ways. Obviously using a Jio SIM is worthy. All that you needed in terms of your mobile communication, mobile entertainment, health etc all available Via MyJio.

Hope this article regarding booking Covid-19 vaccine Via MyJio app is very helpful for you.

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