How Long Jio Works Without Recharge?

Can Jio Work after expiring the recharge offer? How long Jio works without a recharge? Do you have any of these questions in your mind? Then this post is absolutely for you.

Jio makes a revolutionary step in the Indian mobile communication industry no other mobile network providers supported. Yes, While expiring the recharge offer on other networks, all the services will be stopped at the time of being expired.

In the case of Jio, you will get Jio data to offer even after expiring the recharge offer. You will only get the data with the Jio network in 2G speed after expiring your recharge offer. This was special in case of Jio network when compared with any other network providers in India. But you will only get 2G speed data only but all other outgoing calls and messages will be stopped when expiring the recharge offer.

How Long Jio Works Without Recharge?

Jio data will work as long as so many days without a recharge. You will get all the incoming calls and messages till month 3 of the expiring recharge. your incoming calls will get cut when you do not recharge Jio at any time after 3 months of the expiring offer.  When your incoming calls are completely cut, you will get incoming messages from other numbers, promotional offers, and one-time passwords from different services. No issue with that.

You will get a very low data network when your recharge offer expires. That speed of data is sufficient to recharge your Jio number using MyJio app installed on your smartphone. You will get moderate speed on the MyJio app to recharge your account and enjoy the network.

Will I Get My Jio mobile Number is get out of service when No recharge is done?

As long as your Jio SIM comes in contact with the network, your Jio number will never get out of service or Jio number will get expired and be given to another customer. This will only occur when you no longer inserted the Jio SIM on your mobile and there is no registration on the Jio network for the long term.

So in order to enjoy the good service from Jio, you should recharge the best offers. There are a lot of best Jio plans and offers available with the Jio network. There offers for talk time, data-only packs, SMS packs, etc are available.

What to do when Jio number temporarily stopped?

You need to recharge your Jio number in order to reactivate your Jio number and services. You have to recharge for unlimited talk time or unlimited data packs in order to start the Jio service on your number after getting it stopped.

When your Jio number has been blocked completely due to not on used for the long term. Your number will get disconnected. And after some months the mobile number will be available as a new Jio number for new customers. This is only possible when no activities are done on the Jio number for a long time, a time interval of 6-12 months.


It’s better to get in contact with your Jio sim with the Jio network in order to avoid the disconnection problem. But when you no longer required the Jio number, it’s ok. No need to recharge. After disconnection, the mobile number will go to another new customer.

But my recommendation is, Just recharge and enjoy the Jio network and all its value-added services. No, any other network cannot give you such awesome network apps and services. I have the proof. In June 2021, Jio have got 54 lakhs of new customers and many of them are coming from another network. Vodafone-Idea got a leak in their customers.

But without Recharge Your Jio service will last so many months. I hope you have clarified the doubts by this post. If you have any questions regarding this, you can comment here in the comment box below.

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