How To Activate DND In Jio – Do Not Disturb Service

It is very frustrating Offer and promotional calls from telecom service providers when we are engaged in something like job, travel etc. Every Mobile network companies as a part of their business make promotional calls to the customer numbers. By having this, they have other service to stop promotional calls for those customers do not willing to accept calls. This service is called do not disturb service. Here in this post you will learn how to activate DND in Jio in simple.

When activating do not disturb service in Jio, you no longer will get promotional calls from Jio.

It is very easy to activate DND services using MyJio app installed on your smartphone. Just couple of steps away to get DND activated on Your Jio number

How To Activate DND in Jio using MyJio

  • Open MyJio app on your smartphone
  • Go to menu by just tap on left top 3 horizontal line
  • Select settings from there
  • Under “service settings” tab select Do not disturb
  • Turn On All cc categories (to be blocked) except transactional type of commercial communications
  • Then tap submit button.

Pictorial Explanation


activate jio dnd service using MyJio


Jio do not disturb activation


Jio DND free activation

What are the benefits when activate Jio DND services

People hates promotional calls when they are active on some other Job or in travel. So TRAI telecom regulatory authority of India has announced this DND services. When a user activate this service, then mobile network companies should not sent any promotional calls to the users.

It is very frustrating when we are on travel, and calls coming to our smartphone. In the road traffic, we have sided our vehicle and looking calls on our mobile. And that call was from service providers in promotional calls category. So we need Jio DND service.

DND is highly beneficial when you no longer needed to receive any calls.

Benefits are:-

  • Mute all the promotional incoming calls
  • You can mute all message notifications
  • not only from company promotional calls but you can mute from your contact calls too
  • No any unwanted notifications and calls on your mobile
  • Block all SPAM calls and notifications

By default you are in turn off mode of these services notifications

  • Banking/insurance/financial products/credit cards
  • Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  • Consumer Goods and Automobiles
  • Education
  • Health
  • Real estate
  • Tourism and leisure

If you want to get notification on these categories, you can turn on then in Do not disturb section on MyJio app settings.

How To Deactivate Jio DND service?

Deactivating Jio DND as simple as when we have activated DND service. Go to MyJio menu and select settings. Remove the tick mark from the do not disturb button, and tap on submit button. So your Jio DND service will be deactivated.


Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) have good for mobile network user’s good. Not only in Jio, but you can activate Jio dnd services for every network service providers in India. If you want to get rid from unwanted spammer and promotional calls, now activate do not disturb service.

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