How To Activate Jio Call Waiting [Activate Code]

Jio call waiting is the service offered by reliance Jio to its customers. When you are on a call and someone calling you at the same time, Jio call waiting service notifies the caller that you are engaged in another call and asks them to wait. So the people who calls you can wait till your call complete or cut the call and call you later. Today in this post, I am going to show you how to activate Jio call waiting service.

Call waiting on Jio SIM is very useful for you to not to miss any call coming to your Jio mobile number. While activating call waiting service in Jio, the caller can know that your Jio sim is working, you are not out of coverage area etc. Note that Jio call waiting service is free and you will never charged for activating this.

How To Activate Jio Call Waiting Using Call waiting activate Code

one method to activate Jio call waiting is Via a Jio call waiting activation code or Jio call waiting USSD code. Jio call waiting activate code is *411. Just open your mobile phone dial pad, and then type *411 and make a call to the code using your Jio SIM. Your Jio SIM will get call waiting activated. You will get a confirmation message after dialing to this code saying that call waiting activated on your Jio SIM connection.

Important:- Call waiting on Jio SIM is pre-activated service. This service will be automatically activated when you buy a Jio SIM. Whenever in some cases you have deactivated call waiting on Jio, you can activate like this.

Activate Jio Call Waiting Using Call Settings On Your Smartphone

This is one another method for activating call waiting on Jio SIM. Here we are activating Via call settings on our smartphone. Follow these steps to activate Jio call waiting without code.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Then Tap on SIM & Mobile Data
  • Select Call settings
  • Then tap on call carrier settings
  • Then tap on additional settings option
  • Select Jio SIM from the sim cards listed there
  • Tap on Call waiting button and activate call waiting on Jio.

How To Deactivate Jio Call waiting?

If you want to deactivate Jio call waiting, then type *412 on your phone dial pad, and make a call using Jio SIM.

on the other hand, just go to call settings under phone settings on your mobile phone and deactivate the service from there.


Is Jio Call waiting is a paid service or free?

Call waiting service is completely free on Jio. You need not to pay any amount to activate the service.

Is Jio call forwarding and call waiting is same?

No, Jio call forwarding is different service where you can forward calls coming to your Jio sim to another number when some conditions are met like you are out of coverage area, you are busy etc.

How long take it to activate the call waiting service?

Call waiting service will be immediately activated on your Jio SIM when you prompted the activation method. nce you activated, you will get confirmation message.


No doubt Jio call waiting is very useful for you to denotes your callers you are on another call. Since this is a free service, just make sure that the service is activated on your Jio number. If you have any issue regarding activating deactivating call waiting service on your Jio number, please comment here in comment box below, we will help you to get your issue solved.

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