How To Activate Jio Emergency Data Loan 1GB [2022]

Finally, Jio launched a Jio emergency data loan for their customers to make sure all of their customers should have data all the time during this covid pandemic season. That is a big decision for all those customers and their children need more data because now school classes are Via Online. Thanks to Jio for launching an emergency data loan.

Activate for emergency data now and paying later is the simple definition for Jio data loan. Today, In this post, I am going to show you how to activate Jio emergency data loan if your debit card, UPI apps, or bank running out of balance. If you have no data, Enable Jio emergency data loan and enjoy data, pay for the data later.

How To Activate Jio Emergency Data Loan

Activating Jio emergency data loan is so easy in Jio. You need not apply any USSD codes or calling to any number to borrow an emergency data loan from Jio. Enable Jio emergency data loan using MyJio itself. Jio allows you to borrow up to 5 vouchers of 1GB data when you activate the Jio emergency data loan.

You can get up to 5 emergency data loans from Jio each has 11 INR so that you can get 5 GB as a data loan which is worth 55 INR without instant payment.

jio data loan service

Pro Tip:- Recharge 1 emergency data loan per one time to not to waste your credit. If needed, then do another one.

  • Open My Jio app on your mobile phone
  • Then Tap on the “Mobile” tab on the MyJio app on top of the app
  • Scroll down and you will find the “Get Emergency data” link, just tap on the link, which will redirect to initiate the emergency data loan page
  • Then Tap on the “Proceed” button
  • Then Tap on the “Get Emergency Data” button on your app which will cost 11 INR which is equal to 5 data vouchers.
  • When you Tap on the button, you will get redirected to another page to activate emergency data
  • Tap on the “Activate now” button to activate the Jio emergency data loan.  You will get a message notification from Jio that your emergence data loan has been activated.

Jio emergency data loan page will have all that your recharge Jio history and payment receipt of Jio emergency data loan. all of your receipts will be visible there so that you can know when you have activated the emergency data loan in Jio.


What is the validity of the Jio emergency data loan?

Jio emergency data loan validity is till your existing data plan. when your data plan expires, your emergency data loan will also expire along with it.

I am using a Jio phone, Can I get Jio Emergency Loan?

No, Jio emergency loan is only available to those Jio users having smartphones.

Data rollover available when I activate data loan when I not using data fully?

No, your emergency data credited will expire along with the existing plan.

From when Can I use data when I activate Jio emergency data?

Your account will immediately get credited emergency data after activating the data loan service.

Is the Jio emergency data loan available every time?

Yes, But when you have done all the five emergency data services. In order to activate again the service, you should pay for the first set data loan in order to activate another data loan.

How can I Make Payment for the Jio emergency data loan service?

You can pay for the service Via the MyJio app. You can use any of the payment methods on the MyJio app to get paid.

Is there any USSD code or Mobile number to activate data loan in Jio?

No, You need to use the MyJio app only to activate the Jio emergency data loan. You cannot do this Via any USSD codes, mobile number, or any other recharge apps like Paytm, MobiKwik, etc.


Thankful to Jio for having the best Jio emergency data loan facilities. This will be very helpful for all those customers who exceed the daily data quota or have issues with payment methods on my app. I think this was one of the best services that every Jio user looking for. Jio’s annual 44th meeting was held last June 24th. There were very good services they planned for Jio users.

Obviously very precious service from Jio. Hope you like this service.

Have any questions regarding the Jio emergency data loan, ask here in the comment box.

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