How To Activate Jio International Roaming

Will Jio SIM Work outside India Countries Like United states, UAE, Australia etc

The answer is ‘YES’. Jio have good International roaming service across 170+ countries outside India. No worry about voice calls and data usage while you are traveling outside India. Experience awesome voice, internet and sms service as like in India when you are traveling to other countries. Here in this post, you will learn how to activate jio international roaming.

Jio International Roaming

You may probably heard about this term “roaming”. This is service that offered by mobile networks to use their service in partnership with other service providers in places they have no service. There were special charges service providers charged some years ago. Now roaming inside india is free.

Jio have very good international roaming service with over 170 countries all over the world. You need not to buy the SIM on those visited countries to make voice calls.

How To Activate International Roaming In Jio Number?

When you are traveling to another country, to start using Jio international roaming, you need to activate on your Jio Number. For this, you need to activate Jio international roaming Pack.

Activate Jio international Roaming Using MyJio app

  • Get login to MyJio app
  • Tap on “telecom” tab on the top bar just right hand side of “Home” tab
  • Just scroll a little bit, and you can see ISD & Roaming
  • Below the option select Int’l Roaming
  • Then select the country you are visiting
  • Select the plan for international roaming
  • Tap “Buy” button and recharge using your debit card or other available option

buy jio international roaming pack

Activate International Roaming Via Jio official site

This is one another method to recharge for Jio international roaming. This is much similar with the above mentioned method.(Using MyJio)

Sign in with your Jio ID and password on official site.

Click on “quick pay” and select the International roaming offers, select one appropriate offer and then Recharge.

International Roaming Activate Via Jio store near you

Don’t be confuse about activating Jio international service. It is just like a Recharge plan. I am strongly recommend you to do Jio international roaming pack Using any of the above options. Else you can activate roaming just visit jio store near your location or any mobile recharge shop.

Note:- Restart your smartphone after you have activated your International Jio roaming pack.

You can do IR pack even when you are reached other countries.

Note:- You will get text message after your international roaming has been activated.

What to do If you can’t use Jio International roaming?

There may be device settings specific issue when you cannot use Jio international roaming. If your settings was wrong this may happen.

To use Jio international roaming on your device, check these.

On Android Smartphone:-

  • Check Preferred network type on your phone settings as “GSM/WCDMA/LTE”
  • On network settings under SIM settings on your smartphone select carrier settings as “Auto Select”
  • Make sure data roaming is “ON”

jio international roaming android settings

This will automatically register to the roaming service provider’s in that particular country you are visiting. while your settings are like this, you will automatically registered with the partner service provider’s network in that country.

On iOS Smartphone:-

  • Go to Settings –> Carriers –> and select “Automatic”
  • Settings –> Mobile Data –> Data Roaming –> ON

That’s it. Your smartphone is now ready with settings for Jio international roaming service.


Here the conclusion of the post. This post will definitely will helps you if you are planning to travel to another country with your Jio SIM and smartphone. Get connected quickly with your family and friends immediately landing outside India by activating Jio international roaming. I have written article on Jio international roaming countries list and there is 170 countries available you can get roaming on Jio SIM.

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