How To Activate NetFlix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar On Jio PostPaid Plus

How to activate Netflix, amazon prime and Hotstar on Jio postpaid plus is the common question that arises for Jio postpaid plus users since there is a free subscription available with the postpaid plans. Will it activate automatically?. Here in this post, I am going to show you step-by-step procedures to activate Netflix on Jio postpaid plus plan. If you are a prepaid customer, you can convert Jio prepaid to postpaid plus to enjoy many benefits like a free subscription on Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, amazon prime, etc.

In addition, learn how to activate amazon prime and Disney + Hotstar OTT apps on Jio postpaid plus.

How To Activate NetFlix On Jio PostPaid

To activate Netflix on Jio postpaid, you need to upgrade your postpaid to postpaid plus plans. There is no offer for normal or regular postpaid users, but when you upgrade to Jio postpaid plus plans, you can enjoy all Jio apps along with Netflix, amazon prime, and Disney+ Hotstar subscription for free.

Follow these steps to activate Netflix on Jio postpaid

  • First, you need to upgrade or convert Jio postpaid plans to Jio postpaid plus. you can convert Jio prepaid to postpaid plus connection also in simple steps
  • Now activate any postpaid plus plans according to your needs and budget
  • After activating Jio postpaid plus plan, then download Netflix mobile app from the respective app store. If you are an Android user, download it from the Google play store. If you are an iPhone user, download Netflix from the iOS app store [Netflix for Android & Netflix for iPhone]
  • Now login with your Jio number and generate OTP, enter into the Netflix app, and enjoy content on Netflix for free. No premium subscription is needed till your Jio postpaid plus plans expire.

How To Activate amazon prime On Jio postpaid plus

  • Download and install Amazon prime app from respective app stores
  • Then log in to amazon prime with a Jio number and one-time password that is generated using the Jio number
  • Then enjoy amazon prime video content on Jio postpaid plus plans for free

How to activate Hotstar on Jio postpaid plus

Activating disney+hotstar free subscription with Jio postpaid plus plans is as same as we have done with Netflix and amazon prime.

First of all, you need to download and install the Hotstar app from application stores. Then log in with your mobile number. enter your postpaid plus plan-activated Jio number and then generate a one-time password. Enter the received OTP correctly and log in. Then enjoy premium content on Hotstar.

What are the best Jio postpaid plans to get NetFlix Offers

Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Netflix offer on all Jio postpaid plans are equal. There is only a change in the data availability. If you are spending too much data to watch video content on these OTT apps and platforms, you can buy the top Jio postpaid plus plans.

You can get 75 GB data, 100 GB, 150 GB, 200 GB, and 300 GB data from 399INR, 599 INR, 799 INR, 999 INR, and 1499 INR Jio postpaid plus plans. So, chose the best-fit plans for you to enjoy Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar content along with other benefits from Jio postpaid plus plans.

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After you have turned your prepaid and postpaid plans to postpaid plus plans, your Jio number is automatically activated to use OTT apps like NetFlix, amazon prime, and Hotstar. You only need to log in with your postpaid plus plans activated Jio number with a generated one-time password (OTP).

If you have still any doubts regarding NetFlix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar subscription with Jio postpaid plus, then please feel free to ask us Via the comment box below.



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