Jio Tower – How To Apply For Jio Tower Installation (4G/5G)

Jio Tower is now everywhere. If you want to become a Jio network partner, then you can apply for Jio tower installation on your plot or building for extra income. Jio’s aim is to provide a high-quality network for their customers all over India. So Jio always trying to install Jio towers all over India. Today, in this post, know all about Jio tower, how to apply for Jio tower, Reliance Jio tower installation, rent, etc.

Take advantage of an opportunity to become a Jio network partner when you have space, building, or plot for Jio tower. You can apply for Jio tower, and after verifying your plot, location, building details, Jio will install Jio network tower and give you a handsome amount of money as Jio tower rent.

How To Apply For Reliance Jio Tower Installation

Jio Tower Installation Online Application 2021

You should apply for Jio tower installation on Jio’s official website. Apply online for Jio tower is so easy. You have to fill up an online application form by entering the details they ask for and then submit. Jio tower installation department will analyze your application and will contact you as soon as possible.

To apply for Jio mobile tower at your space, go to the Jio official website address to become a Jio partner. The web portal address is

There is an online application for a Jio mobile tower. You need to enter some of the details regarding your property that you wish to install Jio tower.

jio tower online application form

After entering your property details, you will get redirected to another page to enter the location. You have to enter the pin code on the box provided to locate the place from the google map.

Then you need to enter your contact numbers to generate OTP to give more details of your own. You should sign up with a mobile number with OTP and by verifying the mobile number you can only get another window to enter other personal details. This OTP login system is to reduce spam applications.

After OTP login, you will be redirected to another page where you have to give your personal details such as name, email address, physical address with pin code, mobile number, address proof details, etc. Give all the details on Jio mobile tower installation application form and then click on the “submit” button to submit the application.

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Eligibility of property for Jio mobile installation

There are some of the terms and conditions your property and the owner should meet in order to get Jio mobile tower installation at your property. After detailed inspection only you will get sanctioned to install Jio tower at your property.

  • If you have a building top terrace for Jio mobile tower installation, It should have at least 500 square feet of space
  • If you have a plot and the place is in the city, your plot should have 2000 square feet area
  • If the plot is a rural area, are should have 2500 square feet
  • There should be no Jio mobile tower surrounding your 100 meters area
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from your neighbors
  • you should have a clear agreement with the tower installation team

Rent for your property for Jio 4G/5G mobile tower

You will get a handsome amount of money as Jio tower rents for your property. you can earn from 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR monthly from Jio tower rent based on your location. i.e, whether your property is a rural area or urban area. If you have a property for Jio tower in an urban area or near a big town where there are so many Jio customers, you will get the maximum amount as rent. All those details regarding rent for Jio tower will be available from the Jio reliance tower installation department. You will get connected with the executive after you have applied online for Jio tower.

Benefits Of Jio tower on your property

There is a lot of benefits while you have a perfect property for Jio tower installation. You will get a regular income stream from Jio on monthly basis. The rent for your property.

If you have a building, then the roof is no longer using. Then installing a Jio tower on the roof of the building is an extra income for you.

extra income for your plot where you no longer have a plan to build a home or not use for agriculture purposes. When you have a plot in an area where the population around 100 meters is very less, apply for Jio tower installation and get monthly income.

How to apply for Jio tower installation through licensed vendors

You can apply for or contact licensed vendors to install Jio mobile tower on your property. There is a list of vendors working in tower installation and maintenance in India who were approved by the government of India.

Contacts list of all approved vendors can be downloaded from here

Get contact details of the vendors near you to get Jio tower installed on your property.

Other than direct contact from Jio and the licensed vendors, you should take care of the frauds who provide the tower installation services. So be careful.

Keep all those law guidelines that the government of India announced

You should obey all those law concerns and the procedures that the directorate of telecom described in their manual. Here is the public notice regarding forgery in mobile tower installation.

public notice regarding forgery in mobile tower installation

Read carefully this document before agreeing with Jio mobile tower installation.


This is all that you need to know about the Jio tower installation application on your property. You need not to know anything, just receive the payments that are part of Jio mobile tower rent. All other tower maintenance, technical aspects are taken care of Jio reliance communication itself.

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