How To Check Jio Mobile Number Of Your Own

Do you want to know the easiest way to check Jio mobile number of your own SIM card inserted on your smartphone? There is a surefire way to identify Your jio sim card number. Since many of the Jio USSD codes are now not working, there is no code to check Jio sim card number inserted on your device.

When we use the common ussd code *1# to check jio mobile number, it returns invalid MMI code and not give result. So, what is the best way to identify the Jio SIM card number inserted on any device is by the Jio app.

Check Jio Mobile number Using MyJio app

To check Jio mobile number, first you need to download and install MyJio app on your device whether it is android smartphone, iOS smartphone, tablet PC etc. After installing MyJio app, you need to open the application and login with one time password (OTP). Click on generate OTP and enter the password in the box provided.

Now you are on MyJio app dashboard. In the MyJio app dashboard, there is you can your Jio SIM card number that you are inserted on your device with current plan details.

check Jio number using MyJio

Look at the above image. You can clearly see the Jio sim mobile number using MyJio app installed on your Jio number. This is the primary number, and when you have recharged to any other Jio number using your MyJio app, that will not shown there.

To recheck the Jio number, Open MyJio app, then tap on the menu icon seen on the top left corner of the app.then scroll down and select “Settings”, and you will get redirected to your profile edit page and see your name and Jio number details there.

how to know my jio number

You can check this method of finding jio number in both smartphones and Jio phones. Jio phones have pre-installed MyJio app on it. Just open MyJio app on Jio phone and know your jio number on MyJio account.


Is there any code to know Jio number?

There is no any ussd codes available to check Jio number of your own. There are almost all ussd codes are invalid when we try to query using those Jio codes.

But to be truth, there we need not any ussd codes for Jio users like us since all the services can be start or stop using their applications.

Alternate method:- Call and messaging to 1299

There is one another method to know your Jio number in an easy way. For this, you need to make a call to 1299 from your jio sim number. Your call will be cut immediately and will get a text message showing your Jio number, your current plan details, any addon plans like data booster plans, and top up balance details. Identify your Jio number from that message.

identify jio number Via message

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