How To Check Jio Network Coverage And Strength In Your Area

Do you want to check Jio network coverage and strength in your area to use Jio SIM continuously? It is possible now to check any mobile network’s coverage and strength of signals. Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI) have a perfect application to check the network coverage and strength of that network. This will helps us to chose which mobile network should we use for better services. Here in this post, i am going to show you how to check Jio network coverage and strength in your area or location.

How To Check Jio Network Coverage (Jio Signal) and strength For Free

What we first check if there is a good coverage for a mobile network? Obviously we will look at the signal bar on our mobile phone. If there is complete bars on the signal indicator we will confirm that the network is good. But we are technically going to check the network coverage of Jio network with the help of an application.

We are here going to download and install an android app called NetVelocity application in our smartphone which is officially recommended by reliance Jio to check Jio network coverage as well as to check internet speed (Increase Jio net speed).

After installing NetVelocity app on your device, open the application.

netvelocity app

Now tap on the “+” button on the bottom right side of the page


jio network coverage test

From the options pop up, select network test from the list. Tap on network test option

coverage test on Jio

When you chose coverage test, the app will check Jio network coverage and strength on your current location or area.

testing jio network coverage

You will get final result of testing like this

final test result

Here is the final test result of Jio network using netvelocity application.

How can we determine if the network coverage is good, average or bad?

There are indicators in result. If jio network coverage is good, the result will be shown in green colored. If average network coverage is in your location, result will be shown in an orange colored. coverage test result will be shown in red colored, if the network coverage in your location is very bad.

Here in my test result, Jio network coverage result in green colored, indicating that Jio network coverage is very good in my location.

Netvelocity app is officially recommended by Jio, you can see the app recommendation in MyJio app interface in yet not installed app section.

Can i check Jio 4G net speed using Netvelocity app?

Yes, sure. You can check many things using Netvelocity app rather than Jio network coverage in your location. You can check these with Netvelocity app.

  1. Device information
  2. RF information
  3. Scan QR codes
  4. WiFi analyzer
  5. IP tools etc

you can use this app with any other network to test network coverage.

Another tools to check Jio coverage

You can use TRAI app to test jio coverage. Telecom regulatory authority of India have an application which can be download from google playstore to check network coverage. Both TRAI app and netvelocity is useful to determine the network coverage.


In my opinion, there we need not to test and check Jio network coverage. As a Jio user, i didn’t experienced any network related issue with Jio. All time i am getting full coverage in My Jio sim. Anyway, the tool is very helpful and can be used for multi purpose testing.

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