How To Connect Jio Phone To Tv Using Jio Media Cable

Do you want to project your Jio phone screen on big screen? Then connect Jio phone to Tv and project phone screen in big display. Today in this post, I am going to show you how to connect Jio phone to Tv using a media cable. It is very fun when viewing your Jio phone display on any Tv. You can enjoy videos in big TV screen with your Jio phone.

Requirements for connecting your Jio phone to any Tv is a media cable. currently you cannot connect Jio phone to tv without media cable and wifi.

How To Connect Jio Phone To Tv

Mai requirement to connect Jio phone to any Tv is a compatible Jio media cable. You need to buy a media cable that matches in connecting your Jio phone to Tv. If you have LED Smart tv, the media cable of type HDMI port type should be use. And if your Tv is normal CRT Tv, you can use RCA type media cable to connect Jio phone to Tv [Buy Jio Phone].

Establishing a connection between your Jio phone to tv is pretty simple. Just need to plug the respective port in Jio phone and the Tv. When connecting with Tv, you need to plug correct AV type according to the color code.

After plugged the Jio phone to  your tv using media cable, turn on your tv, and your TV screen will show the setup procedure between your Jio phone and Tv Via media cable.

connect jio phone to tv using Jio media cable

After establishing a successful connection, your TV screen will show “connected” message.

jio phone to tv connection

Then next step is to play and stream your Jio phone apps with your Tv, and watch it on your Tv screen.

For example, if you want to enjoy Jio tv, then navigate to the Jio tv icon on your Jio phone and select it. Now select the channel you wish to stream from Jio tv app.

when channel selected, your TV screen will starts to stream the channel. In the Jio phone, you can see only control buttons like forward, backward, play, pause etc to control the channel.

In order to switch between app, you can press back button and go to other apps like Jio cinema app and start watching it on your tv.

Benefits of Using Jio media cable to connect Jio phone to Tv

  • You need not any configuration setup procedure
  • Easy to play videos on Tv
  • Easy to connect
  • control using your Jio phone & no need remote control


Why Jio phone not connecting to Tv Via Jio Media Cable?

Double check your connection and port. Follow the instructions above given carefully. Check the connection from media cable box to Tv using your color code wires

Can i connect Jio phone using WiFi network?

No, you cannot stream app content on Jio phone Via WiFi network. you need to buy a Jio media cable to establish a connection.

Will i Get HD quality video streaming as in Jio apps like Jio tv, Jio Cinema with connected Tv?

Yes, you can enjoy videos in the selected quality format as in your app. Suppose if you are streaming HD channels on Jio tv, you will get HD format video streaming in Tv too.

Can I connect Jio Phone to any Tv?

Yes sure, you can connect Jio phone to any Tv having HDMI, RCA port using Jio media cable.

Jio phone all models supports this Jio media cable ?

You can connect Jio phone 1 , Jio phone 2 using a Jio media cable to smart Tv, notmal tv having HDMI port and RCA port.


Hope this article helps you to connect Jio phone to tv without any effort and enjoying apps on your big screen. Not only picture quality, you can enjoy audio clarity as in your jio phone with your tv. There is no any huge investment in buying a Jio media cable for your Jio phone. Buy a cable now and enjoy movies, tv channels, videos etc with your family.

Have any issue in connecting Jio phone to tv, please ask your doubt here in our comment box. You will get your query cleared as soon as possible.

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