How To Download Aarogya setu App On Jio Phone

Are you using Jio Phone and want to get updates of corona virus? Then download aarogya setu app on jio phone and get all Govt. Info and updates. In this corona world, everyone needs to be aware of covid. People should be have knowledge on covid-19, its symptoms, seriousness of covid-19 disease and about corona virus. Government of India has launched a mobile app to educate about covid-19 and the details. The app name is aarogyasetu app. Everyone should download and use aarogya setu app. If you have jio phone running on Kai OS, here in this post, I am going to show you how to download aarogya setu app on Jio phone.

How To Download Aarogya setu app on Jio phone

If you are using KaiOS based Jio phone and not android, Then here is the steps you can follow to download and install Arogya setu app for Jio phone

  • Open jiostore app on your Jio phone
  • Go to health category section on JioStore
  • In the list, find aarogya setu app
  • Tap or click on the app, and give all permissions to install aarogya setu app on jiophone
  • Now open the aarogya setu on jio phone
  • Give your mobile number in the field provided
  • Get OTP as text message, and enter OTP in the box provided
  • Complete set up and start using aarogya setu application

Why You need to use Aarogya setu app?

It is very essential to be get awareness on Covid-19 and its drawbacks. Via downloading and installing aarogya setu app on your jio phone, you will be get updated with all the updates about covid-19 and corona from trusted authorities. You will get live updates, precautions needed to prevent covid-19, instructions from doctors and healthcare professionals, checking if you have infected covid-19 according to symptoms etc.

KaiOS AArogya setu app – Launched for JioPhone

Jio values users, and there are millions of JioPhone (Not Jio sim on other smartphones)users are in India. So Jio launched Aarogya setu app for KaiOS based Jio phones for Jio users. Since aarogyasetu app is from government, it is highly trusted and India government recommended to use this app in this covid season. Via giving covid-19 messages as ringtone, jio take part in the awareness programme of government of India.

App on different 12 Indian languages

Use aarogya setu app in different languages. when you open the app, you can select the language you wish to use with the app. Via selecting the language, you will get all the updates and instructions in your selected language. so easy to understand what they are trying to convey with us. No any complex settings on the app.

You need to register with your mobile number to use the app. It will asks you to accept your mobile location, bluetooth, data sharing etc to use. Give all the permissions to use the app

How Aarogya setu app helps users

This app will helps users in many ways like

  • Details about useful resources
  • Gives details about ICMR approved labs to test covid-19
  • Details about hospitals and isolation centers
  • check if you have affected corona virus according to symptoms
  • New live updates about patients numbers, recovered numbers and death cases
  • states wise covid details and updates
  • All FAQ about covid etc


Thanks government of India and developers for releasing such an awesome app for people in India in such a crucial situation. Follow instructions given in the app to be safe from corona virus and covid-19 disease that causes corona virus. Not only follow instructions, but advice others to follow the app to get kick off corona virus from our society. Not only for Jio phone, if there is any other KaiOS mobile users, say them to download and install aarogya setu app.

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