How To Find JioFi Username [SSID] And Password [Security Key]

Are you confused on finding JioFi username and password to connect your mobile or other device with it? Do not worry, today in this post, I am going to show you how to find JioFi username and password that you have own at your hand.JioFi device username also known as Jiofi user id or JoFi SSID. Do not confuse with it.

What Is JioFi SSID [JioFi Userid/Username]?

JioFi SSID is the unique device name which are assigned to each Jiofi device by the manufacturer. SSID is service set identifier. This JioFi SSID is referred to as the JioFi username Jiofi user Id. This JioFi SSID is used when we are connecting any of the other device with JioFi router.

JioFi Password: JioFi password is the character set where you need to enter for connecting JiFi wifi network along with SSID.

How To Find JioFi Username And Password?

You can find the JioFi Username and password from your JioFi device itself. To find the unique JioFi username/UserID/SSID and password provided for a device, you need to open the back cover of the device. Then remove the battery from there.

There you can see device information labelled like commodity name, RSN, MAC ID, IMEI, EAN,SSID, Password,system login details etc.

ssid and password of Jiofi device

From there you need to note the SSID and PWD in order to get connected with the JioFi device wifi network.

Here in this case:

Username/UserID/SSID of JioFi Device: JioFi2_E94859

Password/JioFi Security Key is: ryuf67gkj2

Do not confuse with System login username and password, that credential is used to login for JioFi router admin panel Via http://jiofi.local.html with a web browser.

How to connect a device with JioFi WiFi router?

Here in this section, i am going to show you how can you connect your smartphone, personal computer, Tablet PC etc with JioFi router wifi network with JioFi username and password.

First of all insert a Jio SiM with a valid data plan, and then turn on JioFi device.

Then turn on wifi on the device where you wish to connect with JioFi device.  Upon search on wifi network, the device will show the device SSID after search. Tap on that, so that you wil get a box to enter SSID or username of the modem and password.

In the SSID field, enter the SSID and in password filed, enter password carefully and then connect with JioFi modem. Then enjoy 4G speed data connection with JioFi router.

Can I change the SSID and password of the JioFi router?

Yes, you can change the SSID and password of your JioFi device to your desired. For this, you need to login to JioFi router admin dashboard by login with system login details.

For this, connect JioFi with a device, open a web browser and enter JioFi host address http://jiofi.local.html, and then login with system login details “administrator” as username and password. Then select wifi settings from the dashboard, there you can see SSID and password. Place the cursor on the corresponding field to change the SSID and password of the device.

For all the customization and settings change see the article


Hope you have understand that to find the Jiofi username and password from the device. This details may not printed on the device box due to security issues. You should find it from the device body itself. you should noted that every JIofi device will have separate SSID and password. so if two or more wifi network shown under different JioFi SSID, you should connect with correct SSID with the password of that device.

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