How To Fix Jio Phone Hang Problem [Not Turning On] – 2022

Jio phone hang issue is one of the worst cases for Jio phone users. Many users complaining about the Jio phone hang-on logo problem. Today in this post, I am going to show you how to fix Jio phone hang problem, hang-on logo error. You can try simple tweaks to fix the issue.

So what is meant by Jio phone hang? It is your Jio phone getting stuck on a particular stage, like when your Jio phone turns on and when it shows the Jio logo, the phone will be there on logo for a long time and not fully turn on to use the Jio phone. This is a common issue. There are so many factors that cause Jio phone to hang, and you can try the simple steps to fix Jio phone not turning on issue.

This issue is common in both Jio phone 1 and Jio phone 2.

How To Fix Jio Phone Hang Problem

You can try any of the below-mentioned steps to fix the issue.

1) Hard Reset Jio Phone

Hard resetting your Jio Phone is one of the solutions to fix the hang issue in Jio phone 1 and Jio phone 2. Follow these steps to hard reset the Jio phone. Before you are going to reset the option, and waiting too time to start Jio phone is the issue, in order to not to lose your files, wait till opening the phone and transfer files and contacts to your PC and then reset the phone.

Jio Phone hard reset

  • Turn On your Jio Phone by long pressing on your Phone switch off button
  • Now press on the Volume up button and the switch off button at the same time till the screen goes white color
  • After that you will get restore mode, from the mode, you need to select the “wipe data and factory reset” option using the up and down key on your keypad, and then select the OK button
  • Now your Jio phone will go for hard reset by factory reset, you need to wait till the factory resetting is completed.
  • All your data on the Jio Phone will be lost when you do this hard reset option.
  • After factory resetting is completed, select the “reboot” option to restart your Jio phone.
  • Wait till your Jio phone restart, and when it is turned on, your Jio phone hang issue will be solved.

when you press on the power-up and switch off button, there are other options that are also available like the delete cache option, you can try those steps too.

2) Delete Unwanted Files From Your Jio Mobile

One of the main reasons your Jio phone hang issue may be due to a lot of junk files on your mobile phone. You need to check the issue. You can try this method before you try the Jio phone hard reset option since the Jio phone hard reset method will lose all your data on phone.

So open the Jio phone gallery and then select the videos and images that you no longer need and free up your Jio phone internal memory space. After freeing the internal storage on your Jio phone, then restart your Jio phone and check if there is Jio phone taking too long to work fine.

How To Prevent Jio Phone Getting Hang Issue

You can take a little care with your Jio phone to not get hang issue. For this, you always need to free some internal memory of your Jio phone. For this, you can delete unwanted videos, images, audio files from Jio’s phone. When your phone storage is full with the files, your phone will be slow and lag in working. Not so many, but always try to delete unwanted files.

The next piece of advice is always clear your Jio phone installed application’s cache from your phone settings. For this, go to phone settings, and then select apps, and select any app from the list, then clear cache. You can clear all the apps cache for better performance of the Jio phone.


Hope the above steps help you to fix the Jio phone hang problem and the Jio phone does not turn on or Jio Phone is the stuck problem. The above-mentioned steps and tested and got success in fixing all those issues.

If you have found any other solution to fix the problem, you can suggest it here in the comment box, and I will update the posts by adding to a solution here.

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