How To Fix JioCinema App Not Working Error?

Recently, different kinds of errors are showing on the Jio cinema mobile application. The application is stuck in some states and shows different error codes. The same issue was experienced in my smartphone too. Fortunately, I found a solution.

That’s why I am here to show you how to fix JioCinema app not working error on your smart devices.

After I started using the Jio network, I got addicted to their three entertainment apps of such as the JioTv android app, the JioMusic app, and the JioCinema app. These apps provide the most entertainment for me.

But one day when open the JioCinema app to watch one movie, Just it was not open anymore. Maybe it is due to some network errors like that.

sometimes, users are getting errors in connecting to the server.

Issues on JioCinema not opening may be due to any of the following specific

  • App-specific
  • Network-Specific
  • Device settings specific
  • Server related  (Warning on-screen shows: we are unable to connect to Jio cinema currently)

And if the screen returns any of the following error codes like

  • JioCinema AP 400 Error
  • rd 1003 error
  • un 50
  • S-1002
  • ap-001
  • Error code 6007, etc

The following troubleshooting tips will help you to kick all of the errors

Try these to fix the JioCinema app not working Error

  • Update JioCinema app
  • Restart the JioCinema app after a force close
  • Make sure you are using Jio Data if you are using dual SIM
  • Check network signal strength
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Check Jio access point settings and configuration


Update Jio Cinema App on your device

All the small glitches will be resolved when you update the JioCinema app to the latest version. The new and stable version is free from minor and major bugs within the application.

Make sure that you should upgrade directly from the Google play store or the MyJio app. Avoid third-party sources to get the APK file.

Restart JioCinema App after a force close

If the problem is not fixed even after updating the post, then I recommend you give your app a fresh start. Tap and long press on your JioCinema app icon. Then you’ll get options like force stop, clear cache, etc.

Apply force stop and then launch the application again.

If you can’t find the force stop option on long pressing the icon, you can get it on application settings under your smartphone settings.

Clear App cache

In the same way, clear all the residual cache on your application and then restart the application.

Make sure that you are using Jio data

This could be a possible reason if you are experiencing an issue with the JioCinema app. This case arises in most cases, suppose you are using two SIM connections. make sure you are using the Jio SIM data in your smartphone.  because Jio apps only work with the Jio network only.

To make sure you are using Jio SIM for your internet data, first go to the settings section on your smartphone. Then select Dual SIM & Mobile network, select Internet option, and choose Jio SIM.

set data on Jio sim for jiocinema

As follows:

Phone Settings—->Dual SIM & Networks —-> Choose Internet—->Select SIM Jio.

Check your network signal strength

If the signal strength is weak, your Jio cinema couldn’t connect to the server and cause the error.

To check your device is under good signal strength, check the signal strength bar at the top right side. If it shows at least 70% signal, there is no issue.

If the signal strength is very low, move to another place where the signals are getting strong. Then open your application to check whether it is working fine.

Check your mobile device working properly

Some smartphones have issues receiving mobile signals when it goes very aged. If you are using a very old device, s time goes, it shows glitches in features.

In order to confirm, insert your Jio SIM into another smartphone at your home and check whether your application is working or not. If working, then you should replace your device.

Note: It is very common that almost all network getting some of our of coverage due to small technical issues. So just wait for few time if there is any network issue related with the mobile tower in your area.

To check this, you can check the voice calls, checking on another smartphone etc.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app

Sometimes you need to uninstall the Jiocinema application on your smartphone. Then re-install from the google play store or available latest JioCinema app from our Jio app store.

Then do all the configurations first like inserting your number, and other configurations.

You can do this method without uninstalling the JioCinema app. For that, just clear the cache and clear the data method on the app settings on your smartphone.

Check Jio APN settings and configuration

Have you recently changed Jio APN settings (Access point)? If yes, there is a probable chance of getting such issues. You should use the recommended Jio APN settings on your smartphone with an access point as jionet.

Jio automatically sets the access point for your device at a time when you insert a Jio SIM card into the SIM slot. Anyway, I suggest you remove the SIM from the device and then turn on it.

Wait a few minutes (Say 2-3).

Then turn it off, and then insert Jio SIM, and restart your phone. Then check your phone will receive the proper access point from the network

For better speed, I would recommend you set the server name as on the field and then save.

These above are the possible cause and solutions to fix Your Jio cinema app not working issue.

I got solved it by doing the given steps.

Contact the Jio customer support center

If you need assistance from a Jio customer support agent, just connect with Jio customer care support.

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