How To Increase Jio Internet Speed? – 8 Simple Tips

Are you using Jio SIM and tired of slow internet speed? Learn how to increase Jio internet speed with simple 8 tips. Just use these simple hacks to get high speed Jio data speed. You need not any technical skill to try the steps for improving Jio speed. At the end of article, after trying the mentioned tips, your Jio net speed will significantly improve. So let’s get in to the tutorial.

How to Increase Jio Internet Speed

Here are Incredible tips to boost your Jio speed.

  • Check Jio APN Settings
  • Insert SIM on VoLTE slot (Slot 1)
  • Stop unwanted back working apps
  • Check Network signal Strength
  • Use performance boosting apps
  • update the apps that are out dated
  • Recharge data booster pack
  • Turn On Data saving Mode

Check Jio APN Settings

First most thing you need to improve data network speed is to check Jio apn settings on your phone settings. Generally you need not to set the apn settings for your Jio network, Jio automatically will be set there. You need to double check on the access point settings that there is apn set as “Jionet”

If you haven’t correctly configured your Jio Access point settings, it will cause speed issue.

Check This:- Jio apn settings for high speed internet

Insert Jio SIM on VoLTE slot or First slot

This is one another simple tips to boost up Jio net speed. Nowadays most smartphones are come with 2 VoLTE slot. But some of the old models may have one VoLTE slot and another one Non-VoLTE slot.

You have to insert your Jio SIM on slot one (Primary Slot) on your smartphone to enjoy high speed internet data.

If your Jio SIM is still on slot one, move it to slot 2 right now.

Stop Unused back working apps

Do you know there are apps that you previously open work in back. Those app will consume the data even if they are working back end.Just need to stop by clearing those apps.

close unwanted apps

In most smartphones, you can do this by just tap on the menu grid of the display and tap on the “x” symbol or button. your back working apps will be closed.

There is one another benefit while you are doing like this. You can clear the cache on your smartphone and release the space.

Check Network Signal Strength

One of the reason you are experiencing low speed on Jio is due to low signal strength. Just check the signal available in your smartphone signal bar. Move to another place where you are getting high signal strength. Mostly this is a rare issue since Jio network using high quality antenna and have powerful network coverage. here learn how to check jio network coverage and strength in your area.

Use performance boosting apps

You can download and install performance boosting apps on your smartphone to increase jio internet speed in a hockey stick growth. What these performance boosting apps do is, it will stop the unwanted back running process and apps. That will improve your over all smartphone efficiency as well as the internet speed by ending the processes that use internet packets.

Update all the apps

Keep your installed apps up to date in order to make efficient data receiving capacity. I have tested with the updated apps and incredibly the speed of internet goes up.

I have used to download some big files with one of my web browser. That web browser were out dated. When i updated to the latest version, download speed improved. This may be one of the reason that you are experiencing slow speed on Jio. Some of the apps have the bugs and that will be very slow with the data network. Make sure all your apps are updated.

Recharge Data booster pack

One of the another reason you are experiencing slow data speed on Jio is due to you may have exhausted the daily data usage limit. You can check it in your installed MyJio app. Just check if you have expired your data of daily limit. if yes, then you can do a data booster pack along with your existing plan and enjoy browsing in high speed.

Balance data on data booster pack will be there and in another day if you have crossed the daily limit, you can use in that day. The data booster pack will be validity of 28 days, 7 days, etc. You can chose them appropriately.

Turn On Data Saving Mode

Within your smartphone settings, you can turn on data saving mode.

What are the benefits of turn on data saving mode?

  • Apps in background will not able to use data
  • apps in foreground will decide data saving measures to take
  • network tethering will be unavailable

turn on data saving mode

How to turn On data saving Mode?

  • Go to settings on your android device
  • Then select Dual SIM & Mobile network
  • There you can see data saving mode, turn on that


These are the 8 incredible working tips to improve internet speed on your Jio SIM. Just tweak with it and enjoy high speed browsing.

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