How To Install JioExtender WiFi Mesh – Step By Step Guide

If you want to get high speed internet from JioFiber on each and every corner in your home or office? You can make use of JioFi extender wifi mesh, a wifi range extender device from Jio to strengthen wifi signal and get high speed internet all over your home or office. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to install JioExtender wifi mesh and how to place them smartly to eliminate all the wifi dead zone to get complete wifi coverage.

What Is JioExtender WiFi Mesh?

JioExtender WiFi mesh is a wifi range extender device manufactured by reliance Jio. This JioExtender wifi mesh will helps you to strengthen WiFi signal generated by jio broadband modem to reach at place where it is difficult to reach signals in your home or office. so that you can enjoy high speed data connection at any place in your area. JioExtender is best wifi range extender in india you can buy. You will get complete wifi coverage in your home when connected with JioFiber modem. eliminating wifi weak zones through out your area. Jio wifi extender also called as Jio wifi booster.

jioextender wifi mesh

Before we are going to learn how to set up JioExtender wifi mesh, make sure that your Jio WiFi extender have sufficient charge with the battery. If not, you can charge Via power cable.

How To Install JioExtender WiFi Mesh?

  • Connect JioExtender wifi mesh with JioFiber router Via LAN Cable
  • Power On Both WiFi extender and JioFiber router
  • Wait for 3 minutes to pair the device automatically
  • When WiFi indicator on Jio extender mesh light up with green, your wifi extender paired with JioFiber modem
  • Now disconnect with the JioFiber modem and place the JioExtender far from the router to eliminate all wifi dead zone at your home
  • Now enjoy high speed wifi network at every zone without interrupt

Pairing Multiple Jio wifi extender device

If your home or office is comparatively large, and want more wifi extender. You can pair more jio wifi extender and place at all the different place to get complete coverage. You can pair many wifi extender with JioFiber router as like above and place anywhere in your home to get full coverage of wireless connection.

Why You Need JioExtender mesh?

You may not get best wifi coverage at all the place of your home or office. There may be dead wifi zone where wifi signals can reach with complete bandwidth. in such circumstances, we use JioExtender to extend wifi signals to get high speed internet coverage at each and every zone of your home. so if you want to get high speed internet on your home with Jio GigaFiber, i highly recommended you to buy a JioExtender wifi mesh and connect with GigaFiber modem.

How To Place Jio Wifi booster device?

You need to place Jio wifi extender smartly to get complete coverage. You need to keep in mind that, place JioExtender mesh in place where you are experiencing low coverage or no coverage. But make sure the wifi indicator in the device light up with green colored. If it is some far distance from the dead zone, place there. JioExtender will extend WiFi signal to the weak zone smartly.

Also make sure to get connect with power cable if there is no sufficient charge in Jio wifi extender.

Jio WiFi Extender Technical specifications

JioExtender eliminates all the dark zone of wifi. Mainly Jio wifi extender comes with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band-width connectivity. you can buy according to your needs. 2.4 GHz bandwidth wifi extender allows maximum 300 Mbps speed and 5 GHz wifi extender gives above 800 Mbps connectivity. with ethernet port RJ45 connectivity, you can get connected with wired with JioFiber router. device comes with 6 months of manufacturer warranty.

In short:-

You have learned how to install JioExtender wifi mesh in easy way. Now it is time to own Jio wifi extender and power up wifi coverage of your JioFiber connection. This is very quickest and simplest way to boost up Jio wifi signals to every corner of Your home.

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  1. After disconnecting LAN cable the Jio extender wifi mesh wifi led turns to red even if it is just near to the jiofiber router. How to fix the problem

    • Red light on the wifi mesh mostly due to the weak signal or weak range. You can try after moving the wifi mesh or LAN modem in different area where getting good signals. To check the best signal network area, if you have Jio SIM inserted mobile, check the signal bar where it is giving 70-80% signal, that place is good to place your JioFiber modem or Jio wifi mesh. Hope this helps you.


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