How To Record Jio Tv Programme

Do you want to watch your favorite tv programmes on Jio tv later? want to record Jio tv shows? It is possible. Here in this post, I am going to share how to record Jio tv programme to watch it later at your convenient time.

Jio Tv app have in built feature to record Jio tv programme and watch it later. But one of the defect with this feature is that you cannot record all the available programmes on Jio Tv. If a programme is available to download, you can record the programme just tap on record button.

How To Record Jio Tv Programme with Jio Tv App Recording Feature (Download jio tv programme)

Open Jio tv app on your smartphone and chose any channel programme to watch. If that tv channel programme is available to record with Jio tv app recording features, just tap on the record button to record and save. You cannot save the recorded file in your device, instead recorded files are stored on cloud server by Jio, and can watch it later when you needed.

Note:- You can only seen record button on Jio Tv app interface if and only if you opened tv programme is available to download. If there is no record button indicating that programme is not available to record.

Where Can I find Jio tv recorded programme?

Recorded programme cannot locate in your local storage but can find in cloud server in connection with Jio tv app. To access the recorded files,

  • open jio tv app
  • Tap on menu (3 horizontal lines) on top left of the app
  • Tap on My Recordings menu item
  • See all recorded programmes there
  • Tap on the file to watch it.

There will be a limit space occupied for recorded files. If you want to record more programmes and space is out, then you can delete the old recorded files and can initiate new recordings.

Why I cannot locate recorded Jio Tv programme in my device?

While using Jio tv app, you have only provision to watch jio tv online live streaming and not to download the content on your device since it is copyrighted content. While recording using the app and stored on cloud server, you cannot use the video content for any other purpose, so fully protected. That is why you cannot locate jio tv recorded files on your local device.

Can I record Jio Tv channels programme Via Screen recording features?

No, you cannot record jio tv using screen recording features on your smartphone.

What happens when you are trying to record Jio tv using screen recording feature is, recording process will happen, but after recorded, you will get video file format. when you play that video file, there will be black screen with audio only. Video will not be recorded when you record Jio tv using screen recording app or screen recording feature on your smartphone.

You cannot use any third party recording application from google playstore for jio tv recording. Eeven you cannot take a screenshot from Jiotv since your personal information like login id is used with Jio tv app.


Simply there is jio tv programme recording possible with in built feature on Jiotv app, where recording files are only accessible from cloud storage. This is beneficial for you, since you can watch your favorite shows without violating copyright issue. May or may not be Jio offers local download of Jio tv videos. Now enjoy Jio tv recording features for free.

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