How To Take Jio Duplicate SIM Card When Lost Or Damaged

Do you know how to take Jio duplicate sim card when you have lost your mobile phone inserted with Jio SIM or Jio SIM gets damaged? Here in this post, read the procedures to take a Jio Duplicate SIM card. There are two situations you can take duplicate Jio SIM. when you have lost your mobile phone that has inserted Jio SIM (When you didn’t get back your mobile) and when your Jio SIM card got damaged.

If you have lost your smartphone, you can locate a lost Jio device with MyJio app. You can locate and track your lost device smartly. If you failed, you can block Jio SIM and take a duplicate one.

How To take a Jio Duplicate SIM card? – Jio duplicate sim card procedures

  • Go to the Jio self-care portal here and enter your lost Jio number.
  • Select suspend option to block or suspend your lost Jio number
  • Visit your nearest Jio store to get replaced your Jio SIM number
  • Provide your id proof or address proof along with your passport-size photo
  • Pay Rs 25 for Jio duplicate SIM card
  • You will get a duplicate sim, and you can enjoy Jio services within 24 hours.

You need not call for Jio customer care number and wait for the Customer support contact. The jio self-care portal allows you to block your Jio number yourself when you lost your Jio number. Jio duplicate sim activation time is only below 24 hours, sometime you will get a new sim activated immediately.

What happens when you suspend Your Jio number with the self-care Portal

Jio has a self-care portal launched on their official website to suspend Jio numbers immediately to avoid misuse of Jio numbers. This service is very helpful for those who lost or damaged a Jio sim card and obtain a New Jio duplicate sim card with the same Jio number. There is multiple usages when using Jio SIM lost login portal.

jio sim suspend login for jio duplicate sim

suspend, resume, access PUK code, Track your phone, etc are the services available with the Jio Lost login self-care system. Such kind of service is not available with any other mobile service providers in India.

In Conclusion:-

You need not get nervous when you have lost your Jio SIM card. Taking Jio duplicate sim connection is not a big deal. In some way you have recovered your lost device, you can resume the Jio number and service using the same self-care login portal and use the same sim card thereafter.

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    • Since having some lockdown restriction, you should wait till lock down completes to get door to delivery of duplicate sim card. To know if any other possible way, just contact Jio customer care support. If your nearest Jio store are open, then follow the steps we have provided in this post.
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  1. Can I get Jio sim card with same number by using old manual process as my Aadhar card is not updated with latest photo I am unable to process for duplicate sim card online ?


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