How To Take Screenshot In Jio Phone

Do you want to know how to take screenshot in Jio phone any series? Today’s post is about it. There are misconception that a user cannot take screenshot in Jio phone. But the truth is, In Jio phone, a user can take screenshot and save the screenshot in Jio phone as image file. Here step by step process to create a screenshot from Jio phone 1, Jio phone 2 and upcoming Jio phone 3. In both Jio phone, the methods are same.

How To Take Screenshot In Jio Phone

Here I am going to show the first method of capturing screenshot in Jio Phone using the butons on your Jio Phone.

  • Turn on Jio phone and unlock it
  • Go to the page where you want to take screenshot
  • Now press volume down button and Power button same time for 2-3 seconds

take screenshot in Jio phone using buttons

  • The current page screenshot will be captured on your Jio phone
  • You will see a pop up message saying the screenshot saved to …
  • Go to the screenshot location on your Jio phone gallery to see the captured screenshot.

This is the simplest method to take screenshot in Jio phone.

Alternate Method

You can take Jio phone screenshot in one another method. This method using google assistant feature on your Jio phone to take screenshot.

To take screenshot on Jio phone using google assistance method, first unlock your Jio phone lock and go to the page where you want to take screenshot.

Now long press the Mic icon seen in the center of the navigation key and say “OK GOOGLE” to activate the google assistant feature.

when prompted google assistant, say “Take screenshot” , your Jio phone will take screenshot of the current page and save in your Jio phone gallery.

Where to find the screenshot taken in Jio Phone

Many users do not know where to find the screenshot images taken in Jio phone under Jio phone file manager or Jio phone gallery. To find the screenshot image on Jio phone, go to your Jio phone gallery and you can see “screenshot” folder there. Select the folder, and you can see all the screeshots taken on your Jio phone listed there. those images are named with the date and time of the screenshot taken. so that you can easily find the screenshot taken.

These images are sorted in such a way that, the latest screenshot will appear in the top of the list. In order to easy management of the files, you can rename the files. These files can be move, copy, cut share to whatsapp, mail etc from your Jio phone gallery itself.

Jio Phone Screenshot Image Resolution

The Jio phone screen capture image will be of high quality image you will get. You will get 2000*1000 image resolution in your Jio phone screenshot. This can be resized according to your purpose.


I hope you have learned how to take screenshot in Jio phone from this article. Both above mentioned methods are easy for you to take screenshot. If you are unaware of using google assistance, you can use button key methods to take Jio phone screenshots.

In some cases you cannot take screenshot in Jio phone such as screenshot of Jio Tv app, Jio cinema app etc since it is having personal details. Since you are logged in to these apps with your email address, phone number etc, you cannot take screenshots of them.

Hope this post was helpful for you. please share on Social Media. Sharing is caring. 🙂

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