How To Use Jio Phone SIM In Smartphone? [100% Working]

If you are a Jio Phone user and want to migrate the SIM card on a Jio phone to a smartphone having various smart features? Then this article is definitely for you. In this post, I’ll explain how to use Jio phone SIM in smartphone?

Here is all that you need to know about how to convert the Jio Phone SIM to be used in a smartphone. We know that the Jio phone only gives us limited features. Mostly to make calls, send messages, enjoy songs, etc. But a smartphone allows you to enjoy unlimited features and functions.

Jio phones come with an inbuilt Jio SIM card inserted on them, but the Jio SIM on the phone can be removed. It is mounted in a SIM slot on the Jio phone.

Can I Use Jio Phone SIM on a smartphone?

Obviously, we can use the Jio SIM card on a Jio phone on a smartphone. When you buy a Jio phone, it comes with a Jio sim card inserted into it. In short, when you buy a Jio phone, there is a Jio SIM connection available. That’s an ordinary SIM card inserted with a 4G feature. We know that all the Jio SIMs are 4G SIM cards. So while inserting the Jio SIM which is unmounted from a Jio phone can be used with a 4G smartphone. But we can’t use the Jio phone SIM on a 3G smartphone because that smartphone can only support 3G technology.

In simple, you can use the Jio SIM on the Jio phone with any smartphone that has 4G and VoLTE(Voice Over Long Term Evolution) features.

How to use Jio phone SIM in smartphone?

It’s possible for you to use the Jio phone SIM on a smartphone. Switch off the smartphone. For first, you have to remove the SIM card from the KaiOS Jio phone and insert it into the Android or iOS supported smartphone. Make sure that you are inserting the Jio phone SIM card in the VoLTE SIM slot on the android smartphone. Then turn on the smartphone after inserting the Jio phone SIM card on it.

The smartphone will search for the network and will get automatically registered into the Jio network. Also, the Jio network will automatically set the best Jio APN settings on your smartphone to use the high-speed 4G Jio network.

After registering the Jio SIM on the smartphone with the Jio 4G network, you can make high-quality voice calls, video calls, send messages, browse the internet, etc with the smartphone and the Jio phone SIM.

How to log in to the MyJio app on a smartphone with Jio Phone SIM?

It’s the same as when we are signed in to the MyJio app. MyJio app has an OTP method of login procedures. After inserting the removed Jio SIM from the Jio phone, insert the SIM on the smartphone. Then download and install the MyJio app. Then login to the MyJio app using the one-time password method. OTP will be sent to the inserted Jio SIM number, and entering the OTP, you can enter into the MyJio app dashboard and can manage all those related to your Jio account.

Is there any Jio plan needed you to get activated to use the Jio phone SIM on a smartphone?

You don’t need to activate any special plan to use the Jio phone SIM on a smartphone. What offer you have done in the Jio phone SIM connection, the same offer can enjoy on your smartphone. If you needed to enjoy extra offers, you can do. Because when you have inserted the Jio phone SIM on your smartphone you can enjoy many Jio apps such as Jio TV APK, JioCinema app, JioSaavn app, and so many third-party apps. So, you may not have sufficient data to enjoy all these apps. So you can extend the offers accordingly.

If you want to enjoy more features and the offers from the Jio after resetting the Jio SIM to the smartphone from the Jio phone, you can do a prime membership. When you activate a prime plan, you can enjoy many offers.

Why Jio Phone SIM is not working on my Android mobile phone?

First, you should check up on the VoLTE feature of your android smartphone. Make sure that your Android phone is VoLTE 4G SIM enabled. There are a lot of Android smartphones were in the market that has only 3G features. So, if your Android phone is any one of them, the Jio phone SIM will never work on it. because the Jio SIM is purely based on a 4G VoLTE connection.


In conclusion, I have to wrap the whole content in a sentence. You can simply use the SIM card on the Jio phone in a smartphone Just remove the SIm from the SIM slot of the Jio phone and then insert it into the VoLTE SIM slot of the smartphone whether it is an Android or iOS smartphone. Login to the MyJio using the Jio number to manage everything about Jio.

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