How To Use Jio SIM On Old iPhone

How to use Jio SIM on old iPhone? Do you know?

I have come up with this post since I have got a personal message from my friend, and he has bought an old model iPhone. He was using Jio SIM on his old android smartphone. When inserting the SIM on Old iPhone, he didn’t get a signal. The signal has been showing empty. He visited me and showed me his old iPhone. After making some settings, the issue was solved.

So I decided to write a post on this my blog, and if you are using an old model iPhone along with a Jio SIM card and having this issue, this post will be helpful for you.

How To Use Jio SIM On Old iPhone

In order to make Jio SIM working on your Old iPhone models, you have to make some settings on your iPhone.

Step #1; First of all insert Jio SIM on your Old model iPhone.

The old model iPhone has the micro sim cardholder in the sim slot. If your Jio SIM card is nano-SIM, then use the micro sim envelop to fit the nano sim and then insert it on your iPhone old model phone.

Step #2

Next, we have to make our iPhone in LTE mode. Long-term evolution mode. So how can we turn on LTE mode in our old model iPhone?

Go to Settings on your iPhone, and then navigate to Mobile data, and toggle the button to turn on the LTE feature on iPhone.

turn on LTE on iPhone

iPhone>>Settings>>Mobile Data>>LTE

Step #3

After making these settings, then Turn Off your iPhone and then Turn it on. And then check the settings again and is as above.

Now open the Dial pad of your iPhone, and make a call using your Jio SIM. You can then make voice calls on your iPhone.

If you cannot make a Voice call on your iPhone, then download and install the JioCall app on your iPhone.

JioCall app for iOS is not available, But you can download the old version of the Jiocall app known as the Jio4GVoice app. Download Jio 4g voice app on your iPhone and open the dial pad on the application.

Select the contact that you wish to make a voice call, and then call. Your call will be connected using the Jio4GVoice app.

Download Link for  Jio4gvoice app for iOS

Jio4GVoice app makes your iPhone VoLTE featured and can make a crystal clear voice call on your iPhone old model using the best mobile network in India.

Internet Speed on iPhone Old model with Jio

You will get an amazing speed of internet when you turn the iPhone into LTE mode. Since the voice calls on Jio are based on small internet packets, you can experience crystal clear voice calls on Jio and Old model iPhone.

My friend owned an iPhone SE version smartphone and was experienced the voice call connection issue with his old model iOS-based iPhone. I have tried the above step to make it more convenient to use along with a VoLTE mobile network.

Is there any latest version Jio4GVoice app available for iPhone?

Jio4GVoice app is the old version voice calling app of Reliance Jio. The app is now updated and renamed as JioCall app. JioCall app is only available for android smartphones only. Jio has stopped updating the Voice calling app for iPhone. You need to download or use the old version JioCall app for your iPhone. No any latest version available.


Just do the above mentioned steps if you are experiencing any issues with voice calling on your old model iPhone. And special thanks to my friend who approaches me having an issue with this. And no any other queries regarding this issue did not come to my inbox. Anyway, if anyone has an issue, let this article be helpful for them.

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