How To Watch Olympics Live In Jio Tv App For Free in 2021

How Can I watch Olympics Live in Jio TV app in 2021? Is it your question because you are a Jio user and olympics 2021 is at our doorstep.? Everyone is very excited to welcome olympics to freshen their mind in this covid pandemic. A good news for Jio Users. In this post, I am going to discuss how to watch Olympics live in Jio Tv app in 2021.

Fortunately, We Jio users no need to miss any of the important sports event because we have Jio Tv app which is free for Jio users. No any premium charges needed, Just enjoy Jio tv along with Jio data plan. Only very less number of biggest sports events are not available on Jio, but most big sports events are available on Jio tv mobile application.

Tokyo olympics going to start on July 23rd, which is a biggest sports event in the world. India is going to be a good participants in Tokyo olympics 2021, and every indians proud to be to watch India’s performance in olympics.

Can I Watch Olympics Live In Jio TV?

Yes, We are expected watch Tokyo olympics 2021 in Jio Tv since the official broadcaster of olympics in India is sony sports channels. But we haven’t got any official announcement from Jio whether whole sports events are available Via Jio Tv app. Not only sony sports, doordarshan also broadcast the biggest events for Indians. So the both channels are available Via Jio tv, you can enjoy Olympics live streaming Via Jio tv mobile app.

You can enjoy so many sports items from Olympics 2021 on Jio tv like football, athletic events, tennis, ball badminton etc.

How To watch Olympics Online Live Via Jio Tv app

You need a Jio data plan in order to enjoy olympics on Jio tv. We can enjoy olympics live streaming Via Jio tv app since Jio provides high speed data network for their users. You can enjoy streaming on Jio tv with any of the data plan on Jio network.

Recharge For A Best Data Plan

First of all recharge for a best data plan for watching olympics in Jio tv. I recommend you to recharge for no daily data limit plan (Known as Freedom plans) for this olympic season to watch without worrying your daily data quota exceeds.

If you are watching only your favorite sports items on Jio tv, then your ordinary Jio data plan is enough and that may be 1.5GB per day, 2 GB per day etc. This normal recharge offer is enough when you are not watching all the sports items in Olympics.

Download Jio Tv app or Update Jio Tv app to latest

If you have not downloaded Jio Tv app on your mobile smartphone, first of all download and install. If you are using old version Jio tv, then update your Jio tv to latest version whether you are using android version or iOS version.

Then login to Jio tv app using your Jio mobile number and one time password. Then navigate to the channels section. and find the sony channels from your Jio tv app. In most cases, Jio tv app will scroll the best sports event as banner when we open Jio tv app. So Tap on the banner to directly land to the games. Then start watching.

Enjoy Olympics live streaming online with Jio Tv app. And let thank to Jio.


Do I need any premium charges on Jio tv to watch Olympics online?

No, you need not to activate any premium membership for Jio tv app to watch olympics games on Jio tv mobile application. You only needs to activate one data plan to stream the sports events.

Is there any customized channels are available on Jio tv app like JioCricket, JioFootball etc?

No, there is no any customized channels for olympics in Jio tv app.

Can I enjoy olympics 2021 in Jio tv web version?

Jio tv web version is not still launched to watch any of the tv channels. You can watch only Via Jio tv mobile app.


As like you, I am also very excited to enjoy the olympics games with my Jio tv app and mobile phone. Though, Officially Jio not confirmed we will get all the games of Olympics on Jio tv app, but as per the broadcasting channels available via Jio tv, we still assume that we can enjoy on Jio tv app.

I think, we will get confirmation regarding this within the days close to the date starting Tokyo Olympics 2021.

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