How To Install Whatsapp On JioPhone

Now whatsapp is the non avoidable for every user. Such a great extend got the whatsapp on the people all over the world. It is developed that whatsapp is able to download and install for all kind of mobile phones. Now here in this post, I am going to show you how to install whatsapp on JioPhone. All the series Jio phones are coming along with installed with whatsapp. If you are found the whatsapp is missing on your jio phone , then this guide will show you to install whatsapp on your jio mobiles.

Install Whatsapp On JioPhone – JioPhone and JioPhone 2

JioPhone and JioPhone 2 are the smallest device mobile phone available now in the market. Jio is on the development of Jio Phone 3, the first smartphone in the smartphone series. You may know how to install whatsapp on smartphones. But here we are going to show you the installing whatsapp on JioPhone and JioPhone 2. Both these mobile handsets are keypad enabled, not in smartphone series. You cannot download and insall mod version whatsapp on Jio phone such as YoWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, FMWhatsapp etc.

To Install whatsapp on JioPhone, we recommend you to update the JioPhone firmware to work properly. When updating firmware, you can enjoy the functioning of a the apps and features without any lag or deay.

Update JioPhone Firmware

You need to keep up to date the JioPhone firmware to latest version. It is very easy to do. Follow the stpes to update JIoPhone Firware by yourself.

  1. Connect the phone to the network or data network.
  2. Now go to phone settings on your JioPhone/JioPhone 2
  3. Then go to device option, when you go to the right navigation.
  4. Now you can see ‘about phone’, Just click on it.
  5. Under about phone section, Just scroll down to the software update option, and now update the phone’s software to the latest version. so that you can install latest version whatsapp on your JioMobile phone.

Install Whatsapp on Jio Mobile

  1. Now go to the phone app drawer on your JioPhone.
  2. When you get the app drawer, you can see JioStore app or appstore. Just click on It.
  3. Go to social, on the app store where you can see all the available social media apps.
  4. Now you can see “Install button” on the whatsapp icon, Just select and click on the button.
  5. Now Jio latest install Update on your JioPhone. This step is same applicable for JioPhone2.

Configuring whatsapp On JioPhone

Is is same as you configuring the whatsapp on another smartphone or ordinary mobiles. Now, jus give mobile number, display name and the verify will be done as same way on other devices. Now after configuration, you can use the best instant messaging app whatsapp for your JioPhone.

Final Words:

Now it is to wind up the post, we hope you have learned how to update firmware on JioPhone and Install whatsapp for Jio. Using the same method, you can download and update other available apps on JioPhone for free.

If you are experiencing any issue on install process, you can then leave a comment here in the box below, we will get back to you with  a solution.

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