Jio 5G Network Service launch Date, Features – Updated 2021

Jio itself launched with 4G network. Now Jio planning to expand network and upgrading their network to 5G technology. We can say that Jio is the pioneer in 4G technology. Jio likely to move to 5G soon. Here in this post, read all that you need to know about Jio 5G network service, Jio 5G launch date, features etc.

Jio 5G

Reliance Jio is going to launch Jio 5G network service in India. migrating from Jio 4G to Jio 5G will be soon. People urging to know all the details about Jio 5G network service. Surely, Jio will be the pioneer in 5G mobile network service in India. With multiple of 4G network speed and signal quality, Jio is on the way to upgrade their network. Launching Jio 5G will be revolutionary movement in India telecom sector.

Jio 5G Launch Date

Recently India mobile congress was held and many telecom companies head participated. The head of reliance Jio communications and private limited, Mukesh ambani declared that Jio will launch 5G network in the second half of 2021. So we can assume that Jio 5G launch date will be on August 15 independence day 2021. This is not officially announced, but we can assume like this since Jio always introducing their any of new service in each independence day.

launching Jio 5G will be part of India’s fourth industrial revolution, Ambani said. India have potential to introduce 5G network as soon as possible, and only very well developed countries only entered in to the 5G mobile network now. Jio have perfect business model and will be on the way to introduce 5G network in India Soon.

Procedures regarding jio 5G network will be under the laws and regulation of telecom regulatory authority on India (TRAI), and there will no be any red signal on Jio 5G network launch in India.

Jio may launch 5G network as a Trial in some of the cities in india, and will spread all over India. When Trial runs are success, only negligible time is required to launch Jio 5G in all other areas.

What are the Features of Jio 5G network?

Jio 5G will be giving close attention to provide best service where fifth generation mobile network. Here are the features of Jio 5G network

  • Improved mobile network connection
  • Handle millions of devices without any disruption
  • Provide safety and sustainability in mobile communication
  • Provide high speed internet. Lightning speed to download very large files over 5G network.
  • Improved voice quality
  • Supports internet of things (IoT) features
  • Vanishes call drops
  • enhances all real time processes related with mobile network to next level

Frequently asked questions – Jio 5G Mobile network

What will be Jio 5G Speed?

It is not tested Jio 5G speed since it is not yet launched. But according to normal speed of 5G network, Jio 5G will deliver 20 Gbps speed and will be at least 100 Mbps download speed. This indicates that Jio 5G network will only takes 10-20 seconds to download a 1 GB file to your local storage. Jio 5G will be more stable than 4G network, and will be very high capacity. wait for Jio 5G network.

Do I Need to change Jio SIM to enjoy Jio 5G network?

We need to buy Jio 5G SIM card to enjoy 5G network. You can use 5G sim in 4G smartphone too, but to enjoy high speed 5G network, it is recommended to use 5G supported device.

What about Jio 5G network coverage?

Jio 5G will works great in mobile network too. since Jio 5G is the very upgraded version of 4G, Jio 5G uses data packets to carry voice calls between the users. So the network coverage will be very high when  compared with 4G network. Jio also providing full coverage on 4G network too, so we can assume that the potential of Jio 5G network coverage.

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What will be Jio 5G Offers and plans?

There will not be any high amount for Jio 5G network service offers. There is likely to have very cheap price for Jio 5G. Let’s discuss the Jio 5G offers and plans after Jio launches 5G network.


As a Jio user, i was pleasure when i heard the news of Jio 5G network launch. I am also waiting for Jio 5G like you are waiting. This will be a revolutionary moment in India mobile communication sector. please keep update with this post, i will add more news on Jio 5G in this post, as i get information.

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