Jio Call Forwarding – Activate & Deactivate Jio Call Divert

Call forwarding or call divert is the perfect option for you not to miss any calls while the users were in such a situation call cannot connect. The situations may be due to bad signal area, out of coverage area, when mobile phone switched Off, etc. This service is available to set in all the mobile network service providers. Here in this post, we are here to write how to activate and deactivate the Jio Call forwarding or Jio call divert function.

Jio Call forwarding can be very simple. Just some USSD codes will help you to manage different call forwarding options.

Call forwarding is a device-dependent feature, your smartphone or tablet should have this feature in order to forward calls to any other number when your mobile number can’t connect.

How To Activate Jio Call forwarding on your smartphone handset

As said above, your handset should be a call forwarding feature enabled in order to activate on setting section of the mobile phone.

You can find the call forwarding just by navigating this way.

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Then select call settings
  • Then select advanced call settings
  • and then select Call forwarding.

Important Note: Depend on the handset manufacturers and the operating systems on it, the above methods may change. so navigate accordingly.

The fastest way to find the handset is call forwarding Feature enabled

Ok, let’s see how to find the option call forwarding on your mobile smartphone running android (Not smaller devices).

  • For this, select settings on your smartphone.
  • and there you can see a search box “search settings” which is on the top of the page.
  • in that search start a search by typing “call forward” and the page will directly list the option and jump to that option from there. This is a very simple method.

Please see the image below.

Jio call forwarding

Just use the above techniques if your handset on your android.

Activate Jio call divert or Jio call forwarding Via Star Codes

Jio offers the simplest forms of activating and deactivate Jio call forwarding to any other mobile numbers just by using some star codes. You should use the correct format in order to activate call forwarding in different conditions.

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For Unconditional Call Forwarding

This means, there is no condition to call forward. you just want to forward the calls to your preferred mobile number whatever the condition on the number is. whether is not available, switched off, available, etc. Just use this code format.

*401*<10 digit number>  – Use this to forward calls to any number. In the 10 digit number, fill the number where you want to forward to.

Jio call divert

Forward when not answering the call

You can set the call forwarding when you are not answering the call. if you are not in the place where you cannot answer the call, at the situations, if you set the call forwarding to your managers, other family members, etc the call may not drop.

*403*<10 digit number> – Use this star code.

Forward calls when the number is busy

If you are busy talking with some other and want to forward calls. use the below code

*405*<10 digit number>

When not reachable/ switched off / out of coverage area

*409*<10 digit number> – when you are in a place where network coverage is not available, and you can divert calls when coming to your number to another number. If mobile is switch off, this code works.

An example is here: *401*907424XXXX, set call forward to 907424XXXX

use the above format

How to Deactivate Jio call forwarding or Jio call divert

Now we have learned the Jio call divert option. Now how to deactivate Jio call forwarding Via star codes. This is pretty simple than activating. Just use the codes only, not the mobile number that is set.

  • *402 – Deactivate Unconditional Jio call forward.
  • *404 – To deactivate when you set call forward for not answering the call.
  • *406  – To deactivate when you have forwarded calls when busy.
  • *410  – Dial this code to deactivate call forward that set when your Jio number is not reachable or the handset is switched off.
  • *413 – To deactivate all call forwarding.

So the last method is best to apply, no matter which calls forwarding you have set, that will be deactivated by using *413

deactivate jio call forwarding

How to apply these code

Just type the characters, and make a call to them using Jio SIM. your call forwarding will be canceled.


Now is the time to conclude the post here. Jio call forwarding is very simple. Probably you may not need to forward the calls in such a situation the network is out of coverage area since the Jio network is very strong and weak only in some areas only. You can enjoy the simple USSD codes call forwarding by jut port to jio network. Anyway, just use simple methods. If you like the post, then you can share it on social media. Let your friends and families using the Jio network will be helpful in this post. If you are experiencing any issue regarding call divert on Jio, just leave a comment on the box given below, we will reply within 24 hours.

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