Jio Caller Tune App – How To Download and Use

Do you want to set Jio tunes in an easy way? There is a perfect app for you to do that. Download Jio caller Tune app (JioSaavn Music app) to set your favorite song as your caller tune in Just a single tap.

Here learn how to download Jio caller tune app and use it wisely to set Jio caller tune.

What Is Jio Caller Tune App?

There is no special app for setting caller tune in Jio, Instead of using the JioSaavn Music app to set your favorite songs as your call me a tune. So we usually called JioMusic app the Jio caller tune app. JioSaavn music app is integrated with the feature button to set the song as your caller tune.

How To Download Jio Caller Tune App? – JioMusic caller tune app

Jio Call me Tune app, also known as JioSaavn app. You can download and install the app directly from the google play store. [Download Here]

To download the Jio Caller tune app, follow these

  • open Google play store
  • On search box search “JioSaavn”
  • Just tap on the install button, play store will download and install the JioCaller tune app.
  • Open the JioMusic app and then start using it.

How can I Use the Jio caller Tune app to set JioTunes?

It is not a big task to use the Jio caller tune the android app to set your favorite song as Jio Tune.

This Jio caller tune music app is an online songs streaming platform users can be able to listen to songs online. If you have liked the song and the song is available to set as a Jio tune, you can set it as JioTune, just tap on a button.

To use JioMusic call me to tune the application to set Jio tune as follows

Open the JioSaavn app, and select the album or movie songs from the categories. Just play the song

jiomusic caller tune app


How to know the playing song is available to set as JioTune?

jio tunes

Just tap on those three vertical dots on the right side of the album name. If the song is available to set as JioTune, Then tap on the button “Set JioTune”, so that you can immediately set that song as Your caller tune.

Can I set all the songs on the JioMusic app available to set as Jio caller tune?

JioCaller tune app does not allow you to set all the songs available in their library to set. If the song is available, the “Set JioTune” button is active and can be set Just tap on it.

If that song is not available, you can still make a request to set that song as Jiotune, and you have to wait to get it approved and set the Song as Jiotune. They will work on the song and will be available to set as the caller tune.

Note:- There is no time frame for your request process and available the song as caller tune. You just need to check the song later if it is available.

This is how we can use the Jio caller tune app to set Jio tune for free. And it is a simple most method to set caller tune using the JioSaavn music app.

Is there any processing charge or monthly charge for JioCaller tune using the app?

To be frank, Jio is the one and only network in India that allows you to set your favorite song as caller tune completely for free.

You need not pay any processing charge, monthly charge, etc. This is great news for Jio SIM users.

Alternate method:-

Reliance Jio allows multiple ways to set your song as call me tune or caller tune. You can also use MyJio – Jio Management app to set songs as caller tunes.

SMS method is another way to set JioTunes.

Here is the 4 possible way to set a song as a Jio tune. Check below

Read:- 4 Simple ways to set JioTunes

Among all the methods, using the Jio caller tune music app is the easiest way to set Jio tune.


Now it is the time to set your favorite song as Call me tune using JioSaavn music caller tune for free.

Jio also allows you to set your “name” as a Jio tune. I will write an article on setting up your name as a caller tune. Stay updated with our website

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