Jio Giga Tv & GigaFiber Available Cities In India

Jio Giga Tv and GigaFiber (FTTH Broadband) are two different services but both the services can enjoy just by purchasing one Jio gigaFiber broadband connection. Jio GigaTv is the free service or joint service available along with FTTH broadband . Along with this, you will get Reliance Jio fixed landline connection to make high quality voice calls and video calls. Here in this post, we are going to publish the Jio Giga TV and gigafiber available cities in India. As first, Jio introduced in few cities, but soon they will start Jio GigaTV in many more cities in India.

Jio Giga Tv & Jio Giga Fiber Complete Available cities in India

How will you check Jio GigaTv and Gigafiber available in your area Via Official website

You can check whether your location is available Jio Giga TV and Jio GigaFiber Via their official website. To check is your location is under jio gigaTV service., follow these steps.

Go to the web address

Enter your current address as location with the help of google map. The page interface is given like that, just enter your physical address and locate your space, and proceed and in the next two steps you need to give some of your personal information like name, email address, mobile number etc. you will get OTP – One Time Password for confirmation.

follow those steps, and you will get a call or contacted from nearest jio center about the service availability. Thus you can check the availability of JIo GigaTV and Jio gigafiber near you.

List of cities that have Jio Giga TV service availability

Delhi Hyderabad
Rajasthan Kolkata
Ahmedabad Mumbai
Surat Vadodara
Vishakhapatnam Bangalore
Chennai Pune
Thane Raipur
Nagpur Lucknow
Kanpur Indore
Ludhiana Ghaziabad
Bhopal Coimbatore
Nashik Madurai
Agra Faridabad
Srinagar Rajkot
Meerut Allahabad
Patna Amritsar
Ranchi Kota
Guwahati Jodhpur
Chandigarh Solapur
Cochin Kozhikode
Bhuvneshwar Trivandrum
PortBlair Punjab
Jamshedpur Haridwar

Just Keep visit this page since we update the cities table with newly started available city.

[Last Updated On 10, December 2019]

How To Know Your location have Jio Giga Tv service Available From Jio Shop.

There is one more method to know whether your city or location is under Jio Giga Fiber and Jio Giga TV service.

To know this, Just open any web browser and go to google search.

Then search with keyword “Jio store near me

jio store near me

You will get search results with the nearest Jio stores and their contact details like phone number and address. you can contact by visiting the Jio store or just by making a phone call to the jio store number and can enquire about the availability of Jio giga Tv.

Final Words:

Above listed cities are just the initial launch cities. Jio have plan to spread the service availability in each and every small cities and towns in India and on the way to start the service. So do not think bad if your area is not in the list. Just keep visit this page or contact nearest Jio store whether your location is available with Jio Giga Tv service, or when will start the service etc. just make an enquiry on Jio store. Jio is very fast in reaching their customers.

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