Jio Giga Tv – IPTV Set Top Box, Plans, Price, Offers

Along with the high speed fiber optics broadband, Jio introducing the first Broadband Tv in India called Jio Giga Tv to super charge entertainment for the Customers. In addition to the broadband and gigatv, one more function is integrated, and that is Landline. So in short JioGigafiber users can enjoy other two service Internet tv and Landline. The huge advantage is to enjoy Broadband-Landline-TV combo with one service.

So here in this post we are going to discuss broadly about GigaTv available with Jio GigaFiber connection.

What Is Jio Giga Tv?

Jio Giga Tv is the smart broadband internet TV we can enjoy with Jio Giga Fiber broadband Service. The ultimate aim of GigaTV is to provide high quality channels with the help of Fiber optics gigafiber broadband connection. GigaTv is the master plan that Jio announced in it’s 41st annual celebration meeting. This is the first time broadband TV introducing in india.

Apart from traditional dth service, the users can enjoy the channels making use of internet broadband, and the result is ultra high definition of all channels available in HD format. The users can enjoy full HD 1080p pixel resolution in very affordable cost.

Features Of Jio GigaTv

As GigaTv is the first Internet Tv that deliver channels Via broadband fiber optics, the awesome features are there.

  • Ultra High Definition Video Format: High definition video quality is the best feature of GigaTv. Everyone want to enjoy channels in high definition format. In DTH , pack, you need to do extra recharge to get HD format of channels, But you can enjoy all channels in HD.
  • Availability Of Premium Jio Apps: Not only the channels, Via GigaTv, the users can enjoy the entertainment apps. The access to Jio apps like JioCinema, JioTV, JioSaavn (Music App), etc via GigaTv. So that, the users can catch the missed episodes via catch Up video section in JioTV app. From JioCinema App, the latest releases of movies , shows are available. Enjoy app contents in mini screen. Music streaming Via JioSaavn is other feature in this category
  • Channels From All Networks: Jio wants to entertain the whole users using GigaTV. So Jio intorduces the channels from almost all the TV channels networks in india, and some international networks too. They Offers 600+ channels via GigaTV. Channels from Zee network, star network, Sun network, colors Tv, sony network etc available. The pack is to satisfy all kind of users in India, no matter language, states, channels category etc. You will get all those channels that you are enjoying via Jio tv app, in your Jio Giga tv connection too. All the channels will be in HD quality since this is IPTV and broadcast Via Optical fiber cable.
  • Voice Controls: Not like traditional dth networks, GigaTV comes with voice control mechanism. It have a micro-phone enabled remote control to enable voice controls. With the help of google assistance, it supports voice commands in almost all indian regional languages along with english. Simply use this feature to play channels, pause, play etc.
  • Supports Video Calling: Very impressive feature. You may have doubt on how can place video calls via set top box. JioGigaTV supports video conference via their set top box provided for GigaTv.


How To Own Your GigaTv Piece To Your Home?

From the awesome features described above, you may now figure out the exact picture about the GigaTv. Now you may have to own the GigaTv immediately after launching? We will cover the procedures to online registration and booking to have your piece of GigaTv to your Home.

This section will cover all the necessary details to buy GigaTv. This is the solution for your smart home. Owing the modern way of enjoying high quality video channels.

Jio GigaTv Online Registration And Booking

First of all, you have to understand, Jio GigaTv is a part of Jio GigaFiber broadband connection. GigaTv service is served in association with GigaFiber service. As we have know that GigaTv is purely based on the availability of channels Via Internet or broadband, and not like Direct to home (DTH – Free From Air) like Jio DTH.

So in short, you have to use the same online registration and booking link to register Jio Gigafiber to get your gigaTv connection. Now Book Jio GigaFiber and ensure your 3 service combo, Broadband – GigaTv – LandLine by purchasing one service. You need not to pay separate for each service. the charge is for the broadband, and along with the service, you can enjoy all other services that offers GigaFiber, GigaTv and Landline.

How To apply For GigaTv Online?

Register and Book Via Jio Official Website

So, you have to register and book online Jio Gigafiber to get the Jio GigaTv connection. Just go to the Jio official website at to book your Giga TV online. You can book the connection and set top box via your MyJio app installed on your smartphone. Jio has officially placed a link in the MyJio app to receive application for Jio GigaTv.

Alternate method to apply online is to go to the web address and register there with your email address and phone number. You will get One Time Password (OTP) in your phone and book Giga Tv Online.

Apply GigaTv Using MyJio App

Very simple way to register and book your GigaTv is by using MyJio app installed on your smartphone. To apply via MyJio app, You Just open MyJio app installed on your smartphone. In the top, there are a number of banners scrolling. In the scrolling banner, you can find the details or banner regarding GigaFiber. Just click on the banner, so that you will be redirected to the Booking page directly from MyJio app. And Provide necessary details to book your connection.

jio giga tv booking
Book Jio GigaFiber Via MyJio App

You will get notification once you have successfully completed Booking.

Jio GigaTv Set Top Box

There is set top box available for GigaTv to connect to your Television in order to control channels, volume, settings etc. The set top box ix somewhat similar to Jio DTH set top box, but have some other features additional. Jio GigaTv set top box is a small device somewhat similar to JioFi WiFi modem, a little bigger than device.

Giga Tv Set Top Box Features

  1. GigaTv set top is equipped to receive broadband data and provide high quality video channels.
  2. Set top box consists of one remote to control the channels. One main feature in built with the set top box and remote control is, the devices designed to use voice controls, so that just tell your channel name to play on your Tv. the micro phone inside will recognizes your voice and controls accordingly.
  3. You can connect VR handset to the set top box.
  4. They likely to introduce IP multi-casting technology, so that users can enjoy Internet TV without data exhausting.

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IPTV GigaTv set Top Box Installation

Installation Of GigaTv is quite simple. The dealer will take care of all the install procedure. No need to worry. It is not complicated to get install Set top box. You will just have cables to get connect to the GigaFiber Modem with set top box. Once you have connected, immediately you can use channels Via IPTV.

GigaTV Plan, Price And Offers

The IPTV service GigaTv from Jio comes with Gigafiber, you just need to get the plan of Gigafiber in order to enjoy the IPTV from Jio. So when you book gigafiber, you will get all the devices that you need to use the combo services Broadband GigaFiber-LandLine-GigaTv.

You will get Router (Modem) for GigaFiber, GigaTv set top box, remote, cables etc for 4500 INR and 3 months subscription free. So, for the first 3 months you need not to pay anything other than 4500 INR which is refundable when you discontinue the services. So actual Initial cost for GigaTv is 4500 INR.

GigaTV Preview Offer

Jio gives you preview offer for the first 3 months for free. all you need to buy the devices needed to work for gigafiber, Gigatv (means modem, set-top-box, remote, cables etc) for 4500 Rupees. This is refundable amount when discontinue.

Monthly you will get 100GB data , so you can watch TV channels when the data exhausted. Data booster is available when you exceeded the provided data.

You need to recharge only after the three month preview offer expired. So, after 3 months you buy GigaTv, the offers, plans, etc you need to bother. Jio will announce more special offers, plans, long term- short term plans accordingly.

GigaTV Launch Date

Jio going to launch Jio GigaTv. GigaFiber, and Jio DTH in the same day. And from the desk, we have the information that Jio will launch GigaTv on August 2019. All the test run for all these services has completed successfully. So just wait a little days to enjoy the service.

Final Words: Conclusion

So get ready to enjoy Internet Protocol TeleVision (IPTV) service from Jio called GigaTv. The most waited service. For the cost of one service additional 2 services can enjoy. One is broadband and other one is landline. Jio opens the opportunities on broadband sectors. what can be possible. And included all the possibilities that can enjoy Via broadband services.

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