What Is Jio Glass? Review, Price, Features & Specifications

A New Product called Jio Glass from Reliance Jio group which is a little bit variant from their other products and services. Here in this post, read complete Jio glass review, Jio glass price and specifications etc. It became very demand for this product as usual like other services and products from Reliance Jio.

What is Jio Glass – Overview

Jio Glass is a mixed reality solution glass that mainly aim to create a 3D virtual room for business personals, teachers and students. Users can be able to use a holographic images of self, other presentations and graphs. This makes the conference much more attractive and understandable in real way. Jio announced the products in their 43 rd meeting, and the product will be live in the market in coming months.

It comes with a personalized audio system and it supports all format audio. Provide HD quality videos in visuals. Mixed reality holographic lens make it featured in JioGlass gadget.

How Jio Glass Works?

Jio glass working principle is very simple. It makes use of MR features of the lens, and can be connected with more than 10 application. It is connected with the smartphones via cable or Vi wireless system, and making it a 3D atmosphere in terms of both audio and visual formats.

Features and Specifications

  • Low weight of 75 Gram with single camera integrated
  • In build sound system integrated
  • Easily connected with smartphones
  • Supported more than 20 apps and provide 3D visuals in high definition pixel format
  • Voice commands are supported
  • Looks like sun glasses and have very solid body

Jio Glass Price, launch Date in India

Jio just announced about the product in partnership with RIL (Reliance industries limited), which is the partnered company with reliance India jio and communications. No more information not released by the company.

The expected price of Jio glass is up to 15000 INR according to the Jio news portals and the officials. This is not a much high price when we look at the features and specification.

Jio Glass launch in India is expected in the last month of 2020. The product is on the development stage, and the process is going on. We can expect the product launch in the diwali festival 2020 or after diwali. So keep an eye on this post, and we will add more updated information on Jioglass product in this post as we get information from the trusted and reliable sources. Keep visit here.

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