Jio Missed Call Alert (How To Activate/Deactivate)

Missing calls on Jio when your smartphone is switched Off? Do you want to know which number called when your smartphone switched off or when out of coverage area? Here is Jio reliance offering Jio Missed call alert service for customers. Here in this post, i will show you how to activate and deactivate jio missed call alert on your Jio number.

What is Jio missed call alert?

We all familiar with the phrase ‘missed call alert‘ that we will get short message service (SMS) from service providers that have information regarding incoming calls to our number when our mobile number is out  of coverage area or mobile was switched off. Jio also have missed call aler service, you will get text message about incoming calls when you are out of range. This message will get when your mobile number come under Jio network.

How To Activate Jio Missed Call Alert?

You need not do anything in order to activate Jio missed call alert in your Jio number. Jio missed call alert is Pre-activated in all Jio numbers, and the missed call alert on Jio number is completely free of cost.

There is no any USSD codes to activate Jio missed call alert since this service is pre-activated on all Jio SIM.

This free jio missed call alert is available in all types of users. Even if you are in roaming such as jio international roaming or national roaming, you can enjoy free missed call alerts.

Here is the screen shot of the Jio quick support to justify that Jio missed call alert is a free service and available on all Jio SIM connection for free.

jio missed call alert


How To Deactivate Jio Missed Call Alert?

Currently missed call alert service on Jio cannot be deactivated on any Jio number. There is no any specific things need to be done to deactivate missed call alert on Jio.

What I have to do when missed call alert service not working on My Jio Number?

To be frank, there is no any such case that not working of Jio missed call alert. If you are experiencing that missed call alert is not working, then contact Jio customer care and support to claim your complaint.

At What situations you will get missed call alert messages

There are different conditions that you will get missed call alert on your Jio connection. such as

  • When you mobile is switched off
  • When your SIM is out of coverage area
  • When you are on call waiting


Enjoy this free missed call alert service on your Jio number. Some of other mobile network company charging some amount for missed call alerts, but you can enjoy it completely free on Reliance Jio. Need not to do any particular step to activate or deactivate alert.

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