Jio Phone Themes And Wallpapers Download & Set

Is it arrogant seeing same theme on your Jio phone. Today in this post, I am going to talk about Jio phone themes, how to download Jio phone themes ans set on your phone. Get beautiful and attractive Jio phone themes on your KaiOS Jio phone. You can download and update Jio phone themes by yourself. Learn how to change Jio phone themes, how to update Jio phone theme etc in this post.

How To Download Jio phone themes and Update?

As we know, Jio phone 1 and 2 in built with KaiOS operating system installed on the phone. When we open Jio phone, we seem it as the default Jio phone theme. But a couple of steps can make your Jio phone themes awesome by changing it to other attractive theme. You can change Jio phone wall paper by selecting the best image and set it as your  Jio phone display wall paper.

In order to change Jio phone theme, you need to download and install omnisd app on jio phone, which allows you to download and install other android applications on your Jio phone.

After successful download and install omnisd app, then open google paystore from the OmniSd application on your Jio phone.

Now, search on Jio themes app on google playstore, you will get a list of application from google playstore that allows you to download themes for Jio phone. Install any of the app from there. I suggests you to download Jio phone launcher glassy wallpapers and themes from the google playstore.

After downloading the app, then open the app Via omnisd application. There you can see a lot of Jio phone KaiOS themes where you can install on your jio phone.

How To Change themes on Jio phone

When you set themes from OmniSd app, the default or currently set Jio themes will be deactivated and the new set themes will be installed on your Jio phone. You can change as many as themes like this. please update the theme app on your Jio phone whenever update available to enjoy the newly launched themes on the application.

How To Change In built theme on Jio phone

In Jio phone there were some of the in built themes are available where you can change. These themes are available when you purchase the jio phone. How can you set the inbuilt themes on Jio phone?

  • Go to settings on your Jio phone
  • Then navigate to display settings
  • Then find themes and wall papers, and select the available themes
  • Then press Set button to set the Jio phone theme

Jio Phone Wallpapers

You can set Wallpapers on your Jio phone as your favorite wallpapers. Set any image as your Jio phone wallpapers. You can download beautiful images from google like search engines, set your camera captured images as Jio phone wallpapers, jio phone screenshot images etc. To set wallpapers, Just open the image that you wish to set as Jio phone wallpapers, and then select options, and select set as wallpaper. Your Jio phone will set that image as wallpapers for you. Jio phone supports .gif, .jpg files as wallpapers.


Setting beautiful images and themes are craze for some people. Some users frequently change themes and wallpapers, but some users will change not frequently. But in mobile phones like Jio phones working on KaiOS operating system, most people will not change themes frequently since not having much resources and apps to set new themes. Anyway, I hope this post helps you to learn how to change Jio phone themes and wallpapers manually. Have any issue regarding setting Jio phone themes and wallpapers, please comment here in this post comment box, we will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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