Jio Phone Whatsapp Voice Call Update – How To Enable

Jio Phone whatsapp voice call feature is now available. Yes, repeating you can make whatsapp voice calls on Jio phone that running in Kai OS. earlier we can only use whatsapp on Jio phone for Just text messaging to our contact. That is beacuse of the Jio phone running with Kai operating system. Now get ready to make voice call on Jio Phone. Today, In this post, I am going to show you how to make whatsapp voice call on Jio Phone.

Jio Phone Whatsapp Voice call Feature Updated

Latest update on Whatsapp for Kai OS mobile now added feature to make voice calls. So we know that Jio phone running in Kai OS, and is possible to make crystal clear voice calls through whatsapp. Not only in Jio phones, But all those branded mobile phones running with Kai OS now possible to make voice calls. To make Whatsapp voice calls on Jio phone, the phone should be connected to internet in mobile data or wifi network. voice call is carried out Via VoIP(Voice over internet protocol) technology.

Since we are using Jio SIM and network with Jio Phone, we can enjoy high quality voice calls on Jio phone. No need to worry if you do not have main balance on your Jio account . Just need mobile data or wifi to talk limitless on whatsapp installed on Jio phone.

How To Make whatsapp Voice Call On Jio Phone

You need to update whatsapp on Jio phone to the whatsapp version 2.2110.41 to make whatsapp voice calls on Jio phone. If you have lower version, you cannot make whatsapp voice calls. So, update whatsapp application to the whatsapp 2.2110.41 Kai OS version.

After updated to the latest version, you can open whatsapp on your Jio phone and need not any settings and configuration to start voice calls to contacts. Just select the contact thread, and then select voice call option to make whatsapp voice calls.

Make sure that your Jio phone should connected with VoLTE network or a wifi network to make whatsapp voice calls. Voice calls on whatsapp in Jio phone as like we are making calls on smartphones. Receiver will receive voice call as a normal network call with whatsapp interface. Now enjoy whatsapp voice calls on your Kai OS enabled Jio phone 1 or Jio phone 2. You neeed not to update kaiOS or Jio phone software. Just update whatsapp version to 2.2110.41.

Now Get Connected Via Whatsapp Voice Calls Over any Kind mobile Phones

Now it is possible to get connected people Via whatsapp voice calls no matter what kind of devices they are using. Earlier, whatsapp voice calls are possible only Via smartphones like android and iOS. Only texting to contacts is possible for Kai OS mobile phone users. There are millions of users around the world still using KaiOS enabled mobile handset. Now, That has solved, KaiOS users can enjoy awesome and crystal clear voice calls Via whatsapp.

now all the KaiOS whatsapp versions released (Above V2.2110.41) will be voice call featured.


Whatsapp voice calls update on Jio phone included all the KaioS loaded smartphone is really a great update. Anyone can now enjoy best voice call services. Now we are expecting whatsapp video calls on Jio phone. We know there are so many technical difficulties like KaiOS small budget mobile phones should not have high quality camera to make better video calls. Let us wait and see what happens in video calls on Jio phone KaiOS mobile phones in near future.

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