Jio Postpaid Plus – Reviews, Plans, Offers, Features And Benefits

Jio Postpaid plus:- Jio recently launched New plans and offers for Jio postpaid users for maximum benefit in their mobile recharge. The exclusive offers for Jio postpaid customers. Today in this post, I am going to review Jio Postpaid plus plans, it’s benefit for customers, validity and other reviews in detail, so that if you are a Jio postpaid customer, you can make a decision on to use postpaid plus plan and get maximum benefits.

What is Jio Postpaid plus?

Jio Postpaid plus is a set of plans exclusively for Jio postpaid users where the plans contains all the services provided by reliance Jio. Jio postpaid plans users can enjoy video and voice calls, Text messages, OTT platforms, all complementary Jio apps, Jio international roaming etc under one plan. There are various plans are available where users can chose from which according to their needs. In short, Jio postpaid plans are much difference from regular postpaid plan of 199 INR per month.

Benefits of Jio Postpaid plus plans

  • Unlimited video and voice calling
  • Free complimentary all Jio apps
  • Uninterrupted streaming of OTt apps such as netflix, amazon prime, disney + hotstar etc
  • Data roll over up to 200 GB
  • Unlimited international voice calls
  • Family plans and data sharing features
  • Jio WiFi calling
  • Premium support center and connected quickly
  • support Via whatsapp
  • Free SIM home delivery and activation etc

Best Jio Postpaid plus plans

Mainly there are 5 Jio postpaid plans are available for you to choose. Jio postpaid plus plans starting from 399 INR which is the basic plan and the top level plan is Jio postpaid plus 1499 plan.

Jio postpaid plus plans are

  • Jio postpaidPlus 399
  • Jio postpaidPlus 599
  • Jio postpaidPlus 799
  • Jio postpaidPlus 999
  • Jio postpaidPlus 1499

Jio Postpaid Vs Jio Postpaid plus – which one you choose

There are huge difference in plans and services of Jio postpaid plus and Jio post paid regular plan.

In Jio postpaid regular plan of 199 INR, there is only unlimited voice calls and sms, Overall 25GB data and Jio complementary apps. There is no any other benefit for you when you are a jio postpaid plan user.

In Jio Postpaid plus plans, you will the OTT apps with their subscription. Not one or two OTT apps, you will get famous 3 OTT platforms such as netflix, amazon prime and disney + hotstar. This is very huge for entertainment for you.

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Along with these OTT apps, you will get all the Jio complementary apps such as Jiocinema, JioSaavn, JioTv etc.

Data rollover is not applicable in Jio regular postpaid plans. But in Jio postpaid plus, get monthly data rollover. Data rollover meaning, when you not used data of your daily quota, this data will be added for next days to use. so when you need more data, there is no need to worry. If you have data rollover data, you can use them.

Jiopostpaid plus for international calls and roaming:- Are you regularly travel international countries like USA, UAE etc, or your beloved one is abroad. There is a perfect plans for you for most international calls and roaming. The best JIo postpaid plus plan for international purpose is plan 1499 INR. Check the benefit of 1499 INR plan from the above table.

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Jio Post paid plus customer care number

There are premium call service center for postpaid plus users. The customer care number is 1800-889-9999 which is toll free number where postpaid plus users can make use of and can solve al their queries related to their service. You will get immediate response from customer care executives.

If you want to contact them Via whatsapp, use 88501-88501, and send a Hi message to the number. You will get reply.

Security suits

Get Jiosecurity service absolutely free with all postpaid plus plans. Security is a big deal. Now relax, and let Jio take care of your mobile security.

Postpaid plus features can be classified as

  • Entertainment plus: – Get entertainment platforms like amazon prime, netflix, Jio tv, Jio cinema, disney and hotstar, JioSaavn etc. No any additional costs are there for this to enjoy entertainment plus feature
  • Features Plus (Family plan):- Feature plus also known as family plus, where buy one plan and use entire family. Get wifi calling feature, data rollover etc
  • International Plus:- For international call,s and international roaming
  • Experience plus:- You can retain your jio number and can convert it to Jio postpaid plus connection. Carry forward option, sim home delivery, premium call services etc.
  • Tariff Plus:- For best pricing


Just imagine you are using amazon prime, netflix, hotstar and recharge for your voice and video calls separately. you will lose a big amount to enjoy the services. So this is a huge savings when you are are a jio postpaid plus subscriber. Get all the top class services in less amount. Do a comparison and calculate how much money you needed to enjoy al the services. So obviously the postpaid plus plans of Jio is absolutely pure gold for Jio users. Take a connection today and enjoy the services.


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