Is Jio Scooty Scam Or Legit? Facts You Should Know In 2023

Since we are in which we provide all the latest updates regarding Jio, we have a responsibility to check the facts of the news whether is it true or false. So, this is a fact-checking post.

A couple of years ago, a piece of news was spread through online platforms, social media, and Youtube that Jio is going to launch the Jio scooty which is the electric version of two-wheeler.

So many people are curious whether it is legit or a scam.

Here is the real answer you need to know.

Absolutely, Jio Scooty is a scam and there is no official notification or news from the Jio desk that they will launch the Electric version scooter in the market. Moreover, there is no news reported on national media to confirm it is real.

As to the rules of Jio, when they are decided to launch a new product in the market, the chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani will introduce the product or product idea at their business conference and he’ll explain the product description and its launch in the media conference.

Jio scooty is a scam, there is no registration and online booking

I can see that a lot of news that Jio started Jio scooter booking and registration online. Do not trust it. This is a part of scams that are run throughout the country. The scammers use trusted brand names to scam people. This is what happened in the market.

So, be careful about such big scams. Only get product booking and registration through their official website and youtube channel only.

Because we are enjoying each and every product from Jio like 5G network, optical Fiber, phones, WiFi routers, WiFi mesh, etc, we should have anxiety when they launch an affordable electric scooter.

When Jio plans to launch a scooter, we’ll report here in this blog.

Does Jio have a plan to launch an EV scooter?

No. Jio does not have a plan to get into the automotive industry as of now. But don’t know what we can expect in the future. They are not in a similar field other than the petroleum industry.

I have contacted the higher authority of Reliance Jio, and they are sure that there is no official plan and confirmation on Jio scooty. That’s why I am here with this post to help you all seeking about the fact.

After hearing this spam news, I just searched on social media channels, search engines, and youtube platforms about the Jio electric scooter. And saw a hell lot of manipulated and created images of scooters (With a Logo) that Jio going to launch.

Really I was shocked.

Jio is very transparent with its customers. Chairman itself announces their new product in a news and Via their official website. So, do not trust any news from untrust sources on the internet.

Though we are unofficial, we provide accurate and real news about Jio through our platform since I am working on Jio as a promoter.

Jio’s new plan in 2023

As you already know, Jio started 5G service in India by the end of the last year. But it is testing and is launched in some selected cities.

In 2023, they’re going to deploy the 5G mobile network throughout the country. Jio Phone next new model is another plan.


We’ll update this page when there is official confirmation regarding the launch of Jio scooty. The aim of scammers is to rob your money by making foolish news with such a reputed brand in the market. So, think twice and check the fact on official portals before any proceedings.




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