Jio Wrong Recharge Reversal Process – Step By Step Guide

By mistake have you recharged for a wrong Jio number or wrong offer? Do not worry. Here is the Jio wrong recharge reversal process step by step guide to reverse your wrong recharge and get the payment back to you. This is done by the Jio retailer’s Jio pos plus app. If you are a Jio retailer using Jio post plus app, and accidentally done a wrong recharge for your customer, here is the complete solution for you to recharge reversal process.

Jio pos plus app have the complete solution to jio recharge reversal process, cancelling wrong jio recharge etc. Jio recharge reversal process on jio pos plus is very simple and can reverse with some simple steps. So to mobile recharge shop owners, i am strongly recommend to use Jio pos plus app for Jio recharges.

Requirements to do Jio wrong recharge reversal process

  • Transaction id Or ORN number (Order reference number)
  • Jio number that make wrong recharge

Do not get confused with ORN and the transaction ID. Both are same. This ORN or transaction id will get from your recharge history. Once you recharged, when successful recharge message come along with this ORN (order reference number/transaction id) and Jio number.

Steps Of Jio wrong recharge reversal Process

Here is the step by step instructions for Jio wrong recharge reversal Process

  • login On Jio Pos plus app with your ID and password
  • Tap on Menu and go to “Other sales”

jio other sales

  • Then tap on “Recharge Reversal”

jio recharge reversal

  • Enter Jio mobile number and OSN number in next page in the field provided

recharge reversal jio pos plus

  • Then tap on submit button
  • You will get a page with all details like Jio number that have done wrong recharge, order number, date of recharge done, amount and reason for recharge reversal

jio wrong recharge refund

  • Tap on Reason drop down to select the reason for recharge reversal, and select reason from the list

reason for jio recharge reversal

  • Now generate OTP and this one time password sent to the customer’s mobile number
  • Enter the received OTP and submit button, so your recharge reversal request accept and Jio will reverse your incorrect recharge done.
  • The recharge amount will be credited to your Jio pos plus account within 24 hours

otp verification and confirm message


Here is the full steps with picture on how to jio recharge reversal process done from a wrong or incorrect recharge. So many Jio retailer’s asks some of the doubts regarding the wrong recharge reversal and refund of payment. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding this.

How long will take your recharge amount credited to Jio pos plus app credit amount?

Recharge reversal amount will be refunded to your Jio pos plus account credit within 24 hours of time duration.

If any person wrongly recharged Via MyJio app or other apps like paytm, Jio pos lite can i get wrong reversal using Jio pos plus retailer app?

No, you can use the wrong reversal function on Jio pos plus app if you have done wrong recharge Via Jio retailer pos plus app only.

If wrongly recharged twice, what should i do?

The second recharge will go for queue and after the first recharge expires, the second one will activate. you can reverse that recharge too by wrong recharge reversal process.


Jio pos plus app providing these much simplest method of Jio wrong recharge reversal process for a wrong Jio number recharge. This is what the fruitful feature Jio pos plus apart from other retailers recharge apps. If you are a mobile shop owner, then it is highly recommended you to use Jio pos plus app for your Jio customers to recharge.

If you have any issue related with wrong jio recharge reversal process, then let me know Via the comment box.

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