JioCall APK Download [Jio4GVoice APK] For Android – V 5.3.4

JioCall APK download for your Android smartphone. The app uses an RCS feature called Rich communication service to provide better quality HD voice and video calls over the Jio 4G network. You’ll enjoy crystal-clear voice and video calls. JioCall is previously known as Jio4Gvoice.

Mainly, there are two different purposes you can make use the JioCall app.

  1. If you inserted Jio SIM on a JioFi portable wireless router, you can simply recognize the Jio SIM on the router on your smartphone. Under the inserted Jio SIM, you can make calls to your contacts.
  2. You can make video calls from your fixed landline number. If you own a Jio fixed landline connection, then configure it with a 10-digit and make video and voice calls.

In addition, you can convert your 2G or 3G smartphone (Non-VoLTE) to 4G (VoLTE) compatible with the JioCall app. But you need a JioFi device. After installing JioCall APK on your 3G mobile, configure it with the JioFi modem and make 4G calls.

AppJioCall APK
APK File Size40.5 MB
Active Installs100 Million +
Last Updated15 September 2020

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JioCall apk Specifications

  • The first app that supports fixed Landline compatibility with Video calls, make video calls on Jio Fixed landline
  • Make HD video and Voice Calls on second-generation (2G) and 3rd generation (3G) smartphones with the help of JioFi WiFi devices.
  • MultiMedia Features: – JioCall allows you to multimedia share and use on and during your video and voice calls. send many stickers, images, files, etc while making calls and chatting.
  • Rich Call Features:- share your location, maps, etc while calling in progress. This information will be sent to the receiver’s display, No disconnection even if you share any images, stickers, etc
  • Inform Urgency of Call:- Just inform the the urgency of your call the receiver to quickly attend the call.
  • Use with JioFi device:- Actually, you are using this app with a JioFi WiFi device, where inserting the Jio SIM on the device. Connect Via WiFi, and the JioCall app identifies the Jio SIM on the device and make calls (in 2G and 3G phone too)
  • While using with JioFi, you can run all Jio apps with your low-generation smartphones
  • Group calling is possible. Get fun with a few people on the same call. Possible for both video and voice calls. Simply connect up to 6 users for an audio call, and 4 users for video call.

JioCall/Jio4GVoice App Review

Most successful application from Reliance Jio communications. This JioCall APK/Jio4GVoice app can be used as your default dial pad to make calls. you will get all the features like contact selection from phone contacts, received calls, missed calls, outgoing calls, etc with time and date. Providing a better user experience. easy settings for connecting and making video calls on Jio Fixed landline.

The most stable and bug-free JioCall APK is available to download from the link above. JioCall app offline issue was one of the biggest drawbacks, but the stable version JioCall is free from such errors.


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