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Have you heard about Jioengage? There is no official page for Jioengage on their official website but you can see JioEngage section in MyJio app interface. Here in this post, know all about jioengage, online games, quiz, Offers etc. You may be very interested and funny when you know about Jio engage programme from reliance Jio. This is an exclusive section for Jio SIM card users.

What is JioEngage?

Jioengage is an artificial intelligence platform that respond to the participants in various games, quiz etc. Participants are Jio users and can play with MyJio app installed on their smartphone or tablet PC. Jio in association with other well known brands in India and helps the brand promotion. And as a result of the  AI online games and quiz, participants can win Jio recharge offers for free.

How To Participate in JioEngage (play jioengage)?

You must install MyJio app on your smartphone and Jio SIM used to play Jioengage AI programmes. To participate in Jioengage, login to MyJio app. On top bar, you can see Jioengage tab. Tap on the tab and see various games, quiz etc by many associated brands.

how to participate in jioengage

To participate in jioengage, you need to go to jio engage tab. There you can see many games, online quiz etc where you can play. Select the game or quiz by tap on the banner displaying there. They will asks some of your details like name, age, gender etc before start playing. When you give the details, you can play then.

How to win jioengage offers?, There are so many categories of jioengage games and quiz avaulable. participate on them and win offers.

Fun zone answers:- There are fun zone quiz where you can participate and answer them to win jio engage data offers for free. You may get up to 2GB data when you will the fun zone answer section.

Jio-engage tv quiz:- This is the AI online game and quiz where there are so many tv channels are incorporated and give prizes. This way, they promote their big shows and programmes. example, Big boss, kon banega karorepathi etc.

Jio interact and engage Cricket quiz:- This is one kind of AI bases programme where you can participate and wil exciting offers and prize. All the prizes are immediately dispatched. Many of the prizes will be jio data pack and offers.  There are a lot of people playing the game and winning everyday.

JioEngage app download

There is no special application to play jioengage. You can use MyJio app as jioengage app to participate in various contests. Jioengage app download from below.

What are the prizes available ?

Mostly you can win free recharge offer for your Jio number when you will online games, quiz etc carried out Via jioengage.

Online games, quiz etc on jioengage is very funny and interactive. If you play well, you can win many more prizes.

Many of my friends got 100 MB, 500MB, 1GB data as prizes when they have won the jioengage online games and quiz.

brand promotion

There are so many brands already in association with Jio to promote their brand value and products through very fun games.

Examples of Jioengage online games, quiz etc

As of publishing date of this post, now

  1. Book a TVS sport test drive and win 1GB data
  2. Hero Bike – Take a selfie with your favorite ISL team
  3. Ore play pledge
  4. Big boss – vote for favorite contestants and show your emotions
  5. Tamboola sabka number ayega

when you analyze these brands, all are very well known brand in India. TVS bike, Oreo biscuit, hero bike, colors tv etc. All they want to boost their sales and brand via myjio. and they are using large number of jio audience to promote their brands.


Rather than playing other useless online game, and AI quizes, it is a good idea to participate in Jioengage to win exciting offers and prizes. Have you thought why the brands are with Jio to provide such an awesome opportunity for Jio users. Because jio is a biggest platform and having millions of users. So when making use of the platform, the big companies get big promotion, and can introduce new products in front of large audience.

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