JioFi Battery Swelling – How To Prevent JioFi Battery Bulging

JioFi battery swelling is the worst thing that a JioFi wifi router users experiencing. battery swelling is the case where battery bulging from inner side and occupied outside the battery case. So today in this post, I am going to show you how to stop JioFi battery swelling or bulging. Though JioFi battery swelling problem is faced by many JioFi users, I hope this post will be highly beneficial for you.

We have to keep couple of things in order to prevent JioFi battery bulging or swelling and prevent our JioFi device getting damaged.

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How To Stop JioFi Battery Swelling Problem?

Avoid your JioFi device battery getting drained:- One of the important thing you need to consider to stop the JioFi battery swelling is, just always recharge your JiFi device and make sure that your JioFi battery should not bet get drained. So when your JioFi device battery indicator showing below average charge, plug your JioFi device to power outlet.

Use original charger to charge your JioFi device:- JioFi original charger device is designed and developed to provide recommended output to Jiofi battery. If you have your JioFi power adapter got damaged, buy original adapter or any other well known branded power adapter.

Use power adapter or charger that are providing 1.2A as output which is recommended to use by Jio.

Charging Voltage For JioFi Battery:- You need to know the charging voltage for the JioFi battery. To know this, Just see the Jiofi battery voltage details in the outside of your JioFi battery. I am using JioFi router 3.8V with 2300mAh. Charging voltage for the battery is 4.35v. so when you buy a power adapter for your JioFi device in case of your original power adapter lost, buy a power adapter that matches to provide this charging voltage.

jiofi battery charging voltage

Do not connect JioFi with data cable when working [avoid USB thethering connection]:- Your JioFi device battery will bulge when you connect your JioFi device with your personal computer over a data cable and use. In short, you should not use usb tethering method of connection in between Jiofi device and your personal computer.

Switch off your JioFi Device whenever not in use:- You should switch off your JioFi device when you are no longer in use.

Recommended:- If possible, charge your JioFi device after turn off your device, means avoid charging JioFi device when it is in use.

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JioFi battery swelling no more affected in my JioFi wifi router. I am using this JioFi-2 model router since last 4 years. No more battery issue detected since i follow those above mentioned points. But my friend’s JioFi router battery got damaged, bulged when they not followed the points given above. So it is proven that when we avoid all the possible reason to avoid jiofi battery swelling, our JioFi battery will live long.

If you have any other solution to fix the JioFi battery bulge issue, then please share here in comment box, I will update the post with added points.

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