JioFi WPS Button – Connect Device With JioFi Using WPS Push Option

JioFi WPS button: Have you seen a small button on JioFi wifi router? It is called JioFi WPS button. In almost all wireless router, you can see WPS button. Today in this post, we are going to talk about JioFi WPS button, what are the usage of JioFi WPS button, how can we connect a device to JioFi router using WPS button etc.

What Is JioFi WPS Button And Use?

JioFi WPS button is a small button you can see in the side portion of JiFi wireless router. WPS stands for wifi protected setup. This WPS button available with all the wifi and non-wifi modem. JioFi WPS button allows users to connect wireless devices very quickly. So if you want to connect your smartphone with JioFi device, you can use WPS button and no username and password required.

How To Connect Smartphone or laptop to JioFi WiFi router Using JioFi WPS Button?

Normally you need SSID and password of your JioFi router to get connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet PC with JioFi router. In this WPS push button option method, we no longer need SSID and password in order to connect.

Here is the step by step process to connect devices with JioFi Using WPS Option

  • Turn on WiFi on your smartphone
  • Go to WiFi Advanced Settings Tab under phone Settings

advanced wifi settings

  • Then Tap on WPS Connection

wps connection

  • Now Turn On JioFi router and then press On WPS button

press WPS button on JioFi router

  • Your smartphone will search the WPS connection and connect with JioFi router

connect device with JioFi using WPS connection

  • Now you can enjoy WiFi on your smartphone

If you want WPS option to connect with your laptop computer, you need to turn on WPS option on your PC. Follow these steps

Settings—>Network—>Network Setup—>Network Connections—>Wireless WiFi or LAN—>WPS

Video tutorial on how to connect device with JioFi using WPS Option



When i try to connect my device with JioFi using WPS push button, not connecting. Why?

It may be due to WPS option not ready to connect with your device. you need to press WPS Push button 2-4 seconds when trying to connect.

What happens when i press WPS Push button?

When you press push button, your device will automatically get connected to JioFi device without entering JioFi SSID and password. This WPS push button automatically send SSID and password to the device and get connect. you can change SSID and password later. Keep JioFi WPS push turn on whenever you want to connect.

Check this post:- Change JioFi SSID & Password Via http://jiofi.local.html


Hope this post of JioFi WPS push button helps you to understand how this JioFi WPS push button helps in connecting your wireless devices to connect with Jiofi. I recommend you to use this wps push button option when you need immediate connection with Jiofi router and forgot your reset SSID and password. Otherwise, you can connect with the allotted SSID and password of your JioFi device.

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