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JioHome app download for smartly controlling your home devices. JioHome comes with STB technology to control various devices at your smart home. Single remote control app to control many devices at your home. Here in this post, read the review of the JioHome app and download the JioHome app for android and iOS smartphones for free. JioHome is developed to enhance your home experience with home devices.

AppJioHome App
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Last Updated On3 February 2021
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What Is JioHome App – An OverView

JioHome app is a remote control application for smartphone users to control smart Tv, gaming, and all other devices at your home. Jio recently launched this JioHome mobile app and is getting good responses from users. JioHome is not just a remote app, but a smart home app that is integrated with various functions like game controlling, set-top box remote control system, playing videos and music, downloading and uploads of media files, etc.

The main Control panel available are

  1. JioHome – MyMedia
  2. JioHome – MyRemote
  3. JioHome – MyGamepad

Features & Functions

  • STB Remote:- Set-top box remote control, in short STB remote features allows users to control Jio set-top box with your JioHome smartphone application. You can control your Jio set-top box like you are controlling a set-top box with the original physical remote control.
  • MyMedia:- MyMedia is a great feature on the JioHome app, where you can cast a screen from your mobile phone connected over JioFiber set-top box, and can play videos, songs, photos, etc. There are separate dashboards for My media. In short, remotely access the content on your smartphone, laptop, and other devices and enjoy on your TV screen.
  • Play JioGames With GamesPad:- Play Jio Games with a soft remote on your smartphone. No need for any physical remote control to play the game.
  • Download/Upload Files:- Now it is easy to upload and download files between connected devices with the JioHome application.
  • Manage Media Files:- There are plenty of possibilities that you can do with files. If you have large media files, then editing, creating/deleting/editing Photo albums, creating playlists, search and play functionalities, etc.


What devices can I control using Jio remote on the JioHome application?

JioRemote on JioHome app is specifically designed to control for JioSTB (Jio set-top box) and this is a good replacement for your physical remote control. All functions are integrated with the JIoRemote mobile platform.

How To Pair JioFiber STB with JioHome app?

You can pair either Via wifi connection or by using a Bluetooth connection.

Can I play movies on my smartphone on a bigger screen using the Jio Home app?

Yes, you can play movies on your smartphone on your smart Tv screen Via Jiofiber set-top box connected with your smartphone.

JioHome for iOS and Android

JioHome is available for both iOS and Android smartphone users. Download the JioHome app for free from respective app stores. JioHome is a highly recommended mobile application with a JioFiber connection and enhances home experiences. You need not have any complicated pairing procedures, and all are clearly described in the user’s manual.


Try the JioHome app now. Within very short time period, there are a lot of downloads are from both the android play store and the iOS app store. Though some of the bug fixing and improvements needed in the application are denoted by the users, we can expect the developers will take care of all those bugs and issues and will resolve them in the next update.

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