JioMart Franchise Registration:- Become Distributor/Supplier in 2023

JioMart franchise registration or Jiomart vendor registration is now online and easy to expand your business in your locality. Be a part of Jiomart ecommerce business as Jio local kirana store and develop your business and earn more. Becoming a jiomart franchise, seller or vendor helps you to develop your business very fast. Here in this post, I am going to show you how to do Jiomart franchise registration, approval, become jiomart distributor etc.

It’s very short time since Jiomart has been launched. Launched in 2020 may, and within short time period, Jiomart become much more popular in online grocery purchase. Jiomart operate in many cities in India. To elaborate their business in many more cities and to ensure super quality of Jiomart service, Jio always accepting application from business vendors to become Jiomart franchise with many benefits.

What is JioMart

JioMart is an e-commerce online platform for purchasing grocery products Via JioMart official mobile app and Official websites. When you select and add products to cart and make payment, the purchased products will be delivered to your doorstep without any additional delivery or service charges. JioMart now available in many cities in India, and people makes use of Jiomart for hassle free shopping for their home needs. There are various Jiomart franchise, distributors or vendors who were delivering quality products to the customers.

JioMart Franchise Registration – How To Apply

Local kirana stores can make use of JioMart franchise registration and become a JioMart distributor.

JioMart franchise registration process is completely online. No any other difficult paper procedures needed to apply for Jiomart vendor registration process.

To apply and become Jiomart franchise, you need to register on Jiomart supplier registration page at

jikmart franchise application page

You need to enter your PAN card number, upload PAN card document, Your desired title and supplier name, MSME details (If you have MSME registered) in first part of franchise registration process.

In next step, you need to enter your location details , complete address, pin code etc

And after completing location details, you need to enter your contact details such as your physical address, phone number, email address, Pin code etc.

After this process, you need to verify your mobile number Via OTP. Enter correct received OTP and then move to next step.

Regulatory Information:- Next step is entering regulatory information. Here in this section, you need to select your product category, store format, license type, FSSAI number etc.

If you are planning to become a Jiomart vendor in food related product, FSSAI number is must. Otherwise your application will be rejected.

If you have multiple product category, then you can add more by selecting from drop down menu. After entering products details, confirm the entered details and go to next step.

Then accept Jiomart all terms and condition to complete Jiomart franchise registration process.

jiomart distributor online application

You will get a windows saying that “Your request has been submitted successfully”. You will get a request Id when completing registration process.

JioMart franchise Approval

Your application to become Jiomart franchise go through a verification process. If your application in compliance with JioMart terms and conditions, you will get confirmation email from JioMart to your registered email address.

The activation mail contains a unique user Id where you can login to Jiomart online platform, and a link where you can set your password. after activating account, then you cal login with Jiomart supplier website and start doing business with Jiomart.

Who can apply for JioMart Franchise?

Jiomart mainly focusing on daily needs grocery items. So the distributors of grocery items, bakery, dairy products business owners, local kirana stores owners, cosmetics items business owners etc can apply for JioMart franchise.

Jiomart franchise cost

Franchise cost of Jiomart is different for different categories of product. The franchise cost is purely based on your product and business volume. JioMart executives will contact you regarding the franchise cost. You need to pay some money to be a part of JioMart business. If you are on a proper strategy, you can multiple your business within very short time period with JioMart.

Benefits of becoming JioMart supplier

  • Increased sales
  • More profit
  • Improve your brand value
  • Reach out more customers etc

User Manual PDF File Download

Jio has released JioMart supplier online registration user manual where you can make use of. Download JioMart supplier user manual from here Below

Download User Manual

Required Documents to become JioMart supplier

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar card for identification
  • Any other address proof
  • FSSAI number for food category suppliers
  • GST details
  • Passport size photograph
  • shop or company address and details

Jio Local Kirana stores

Jio local kirana stores are those shops were the shops are directly controlled by jiomart. These stores have daily needs product and can buy with discount. You will get all the daily needs grocery products, repeat, grocery product from Jio local kirana stores.

Frequently asked Questions

How long will take it to approve my Jiomart franchise application?

Since JioMart growing in fast, and getting so mauch application for franchise. Your application will be verified and will get reply within one week time period.

Eligibility to become a JioMart supplier?

You should currently do distributorship business in your area with almost good stock of grocery products. You need to pay a little amount as franchise fee. JioMart will give you free services for delivery of your product to the end customers. You can read full terms and condition when sign up for franchise application.


It is very good opportunity for you to become a JIo franchise if you have a distribution unite of grocery product. If you are a business enthusiast, you will definitely become Jio supplier and be a part of JioMart online e-commerce platform. With kind support with Jio, one of the fastest growing company in India, you can scale your business and earn more and more.

If you have any queries regarding Jiomart registration process for franchise booking, leave a comment here in comment box.

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