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JioMoney Wallet App Download for various payments on your online purchase, recharge payment etc. JioMoney wallet beta app is developed by reliance Jio communications private limited for simplifying payment. JioMoney apk latest version now available to download. Here is all that you need to know JioMoney wallet beta app.

AppJioMoney Wallet Beta app
APK Size15 MB
Last Updated01, June 2021
Total Downloads10 M+

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What Is JioMoney Wallet App?

JioMoney wallet app is the payment app in connection with MyJio app. There were JioMoney wallet app available before on google playstore. But now JioMoney wallet app is removed from playstore, instead JioMoney wallet beta features are added to MyJio app. So you can use JioMoney wallet app features on your MyJio app. That is why JioMoney officially removed from google play store.

JioMoney wallet app is not as same as JioMoney merchant account, but JioMoney merchant is only for those business owners in order to receive payment from their customers.

JioMoney Wallet Beta App Features

  • Do various payments with Jiomoney payment wallet beta app at shop, recharge various bills etc
  • You can sent money to another bank account or jiomoney wallet account
  • experience cashfree living. Say bye bye to physical currency
  • JioMoney ensures you high secure payment online solution
  • Easy payment methods in faster way. You can experience faster way of payment when compared to other competitive apps in the market
  • Payment is just a few clicks away
  • You can enjoy so many deals, coupons, discounts of your purchases
  • Jiomoney wallets supports so many charity and you can pay for the charity foundations directly to their account
  • App interface is very simple
  • Account setup on Jimoney MyJio app feature is so simple
  • Very low transaction fee only
  • You will get remembered notification to pay bills at the time, so that you can pay the bills in time and avoid any fine
  • You will get recent payments and recharge history that you have done Via Jiomoney wallet

JioMoney wallet is available for both iOS and android smartphones

As we can enjoy Jiomoney wallet feature on MyJio app, we can enjoy Jiomoney wallet and all its features on My Jio app installed on our iOS or android devices. The interface available in both version Myjio app is same so that there will not be any confusion when you switch from android device to iOS and vice versa.


Can I request money Via JioMoney wallet app?

Yes, you can request for money to your contact Via the application.

Can I get Coupons and dicounts on AJIO using Jiowallet payments?

Yes, there are so many discounts and the coupons are available and can use it when you purchase on ajio fashion store Via AJIO fashion app

How To create Jio wallet account?

You need to create jio money wallet account through MyJio app interface. There are no any exclusive app is available for JioMoney. Don’t know there will be Jiomoney exclusive app available in future as like before launched app. I will update here whenever we got news regarding.


JioMoney wallet app is the trending payment solution for Reliance Jio users. Surely it will simplifies all your payment solution in online purchase, payment at physical store, online recharge like mobile recharge, dth recharge, bill payments etc. Get start using JioMoney wallet and avoid all those danger carrying cash in hand.

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